Brand Ambassador

In late June I was approached by an Irish company to become their Brand Ambassador. At first I was completely honoured that I was contacted by this company to represent their company.

I am now the official Brand Ambassador for in which is the Mother website, Over the last couple of years they have had rapid growth and launched their latest sites and just recently they launched

As a mother of two I am delighted to represent this company and give my opinion and review their products. I use their products every single day as I have baby proofed my whole house to keep the kids as safe as I can.

_DSC0252I did a lot of research before committing to this project a
nd after using some of their products I made up my mind pretty quickly, after I saw the superior quality of their products I was completely fascinated with their products.

Baby safety and health comes first to me for my children, and is a one stop shop for all pre, post pregnancy and baby supplies.  A service that offers valuable content for all pregnant women and mothers. Being pregnant is the most beautiful gift in t
e world and I am happy to represent this company and help as many women as i can through their pregnancy journey.

To all the Mammy’s who follow my blog, Im excited to share with you some fantastic products and feel free to drop me
a message with any questions


Emma XxXe11