Will you be joining us?

This evening at 5pm we will all be at IT Tallaght raising awareness on Domestic Violence. 40 people will be sleeping rough tonight to raise awareness for those women and children who have had to flee their home due to Domestic Violence and end up being homeless.

No woman and her children should be left homeless due to another persons abuse. How appalling is that? We moan about things we don’t have in life but if you are reading this blog you are very lucky. Lucky because if you have internet and a phone to read this blog the likelihood is that you also have a bed to sleep in tonight.

Last year Saoirse Women’s refuge could NOT accommodate 190 families. This is why we need more refuge in Ireland to accommodate women and children who have fled abuse.

We are raising funds to open a new refuge in early 2019 and we badly need funds. every little helps, even if it is just €1 it is going to the new refuge.

1 in 4 women in Ireland have been abused by a current or former partner. Women are being forced to stay in their abusive relationships as they have nowhere to go.

Are you a parent? Could you put yourself in the woman’s shoes right now?

You have been getting abused for years and years, it becomes so dangerous that you had to run away with your children because you wanted to keep them safe but when you run away you realise you have nowhere to go? No where to sleep that night? Imagine that thought? It is devastating but it is happening everyday..

We need more refuge for women. FACT.

Show your support by coming down to Tallaght IT this evening 5-10pm and show your support by being present.

We also have a go fund me page to raise funds for the new refuge. Please please share


Every little helps. Even by sharing this blog on your social media you will be helping and contributing.

Thank yo for your support to date it is greatly appreciated. Join us later this evening for live music, talks, fun, laughs and so much more.


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