It’s Cold & Flu Season, Are you prepared??

Oh this time of year brings on all the sniffles, colds, flu’s and unwanted infections. Do you look after your immune system?

With this dreaded weather we need to keep our immune system strong, strong enough to fight against all of these flues and colds that may occur.

Prevention is better of course, if we keep our immune system strong all year round that is they key! If you don’t it/s ok good news is It’s never too late.

Myself and the kiddies take Isotonic, if you watch my insta stories you will see myself and kids taking Hypertonic and Isotonic everyday.

Today I’m going to give some insight into the Isotonic because I get messages from parents daily asking the best way to keep colds and flues away. Look in all honesty everyones body is different and we all react in different ways. My motto is to prevention is key.

Isotonic Quinton is a gentle solution that contributes to re-balancing and repairing the cells to help boost the body’s defences against infections. This is suitable for everyone of all ages including those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It can be taken alongside medication and is 100% safe. is natural, mineral-rich sea water harvested from a pristine plankton bloom in an internationally protected part of the Atlantic Ocean.. sotonic is ideal for long term use and should be part of your daily health routine. Supplied in a box of 30 x 10ml drinkable vials.



  • Mineral Rich Sea Water 29% and Spring Water 71%
  • No Preservatives
  • No Sweeteners
  • No Sugars
  • Keep glass ampoules  out of reach of young children
  • To be used as part of a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle
  • Maximum daily intake: 6 ampoules.
  • Do not exceed recommended dietary allowance -RDA-

What other product gives us 78 minerals and trace elements that the body needs and is natural? It is amazing!

The next question I get asked is how does this taste? Is it disgusting? So il be 100% honest. Firstly no it is not disgusting, it tastes like salt water but a mild version as this is mixed with spring water, so it is very mild.

Initially when I gave this to the kids they were like no mam I don’t like it but I was consistent for 7/8 days and now they drink it without any hesitation.

As a mother we hate to see our little ones sick, I am so blessed that Xavier and Arabella are very rarely sick.

Now with the knowledge I have about the body not just the outside but more importantly the inside, our organs, our cells, I can honestly say I will make sure they take Isotonic forever.

My personal experience with Isotonic is that I have really seen a great improvement in my sleep. I used to find it really difficult to switch off at night time, my brain would be racing, but I have been taking the isotonic at night for the last 3 months and have seen a great improvement. I go to sleep easier but more importantly for me I get a full nights sleep, no more broken sleep which is brilliant because I used to feel like I hadn’t event slept at all. So my own personal experience is my sleep has improved.

Here is an analogy for you. If your insides are clogged up with toxins, dirt and all those nasty things we  take in on a daily basis from pollution, air, car fumes, foods, alcohol, passive smoking, smoking and so much more. If we take all of these things into the body how can we possibly feel 100% in ourselves? We can’t. All those toxins building up on the body is not healthy. By taking a daily supplement that can improve your insides by cleaning them out, repairing them, rebalancing them and giving you the essential elements the body requires.


Here is a video I came across that just how important healthy cells are in the body.



Just because we cannot see our cells don’t forget about them.

To order Quinton Isotonic you can go to


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Let me know who you get on.






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