Fit Mom

Fitness has become a massive part of my life, especially over the last 15 months, I started the gym not to lose weight but simply to clear my head…. Working out gives me a sense of freedom, its MY time in a safe, comfortable environment.

If you are into your fitness you will know that your diet is curtail and eating clean is key to a health lifestyle, yes its totally normal to indulge and go crazy now ad again, but eating in moderation is key.

Over the last couple of months I have been using this amazing products the SkinnyBox, this is a portion controlled product, 7 skinny boxes which are all colour coded, it comes with a food guide, each box give you the exact amount of food intake we should be eating throughout the day.

So many of us go wrong when it comes to our portions, we don’t know if we are over doing it or under doing it, now we have the SkinnyBox to get rid of all those fears us woman all have when it comes to carbs, the SkinnyBox does it all for you. To purchase please see link below 😉 Don’t forget to tag me on Facebook with your SkinnyBox

Im delighted to announce that I have teamed up with Offally Domestic Violence Service, after launching their campaign Lights of Hope 2016 I am happy to announce that proceeds of the Skinny Box will be going to the ODVSS.

ODVSS is in desperate need of help to keep this service going and on a personal level I will do anything to help them out. So many women call though to this helpline on a daily basis and it would be so sad if this device has to close down after all these years.

Emma X❤X