Online Coaching with Emma

It says it all in the title really doesn’t it?

Im really excited to be training clients online. People think they need to go to the gym to get fit and workout. It’s Not true. I started working out from the comfort of my own home over two years ago. For many reasons but the main reason was I didn’t have the confidence to go to the gym, I really struggled with self confidence, so I began doing my own home workouts, became really fit and began to see changes in my body. I still train at home everyday and am still absolutely loving it. My neighbours think I’m crazy but hey ho!

Since I qualified as a Personal Trainer and fitness instructor I receive messages on a daily basis about online training, nutritional plans and all over information on living a healthy lifestyle. So I have put some preparation into action and I’m ready to ROCK.

I’ve been training clients online over the last couple of months as well as  in the studio and I am thrilled with their results to date.

Are you looking to get fit?

Make a change in your current lifestyle?

Be happier in your skin?

Increase your endurance levels?

Better understanding of Nutrition?

Meal recipes?

Online support?

Motivational guidance

Weekly check ins?

And so much more!!!

If you are looking for any of the above then lets get going!!!! Lets get you fitter and happier!

Online Coaching with Emma
Online Coaching with Emma