How annoying is it when your kids keep leaving the fridge door open???

Eeeeeeeeek it is SO frustrating when the kids keep going to the fridge…… open, close, open, close…… its so annoying. Its even more annoying when you don’t realise they left it open and the following day the whole thing has iced up???????? Has this happened you like a million times????? Well it has happened me so many times 🙁

I received my new multi lock today and was only DELIGHTED to open it, I thought to myself HAHAHA they’re not going to be able to get into the fridge anymore they will have to ask me 🙂 🙂

Iv been using this all day and I am really happy with it, its made from BabyDan, its extremely solid and strong, the kids have been pulling at the fridge all day because they now know there is a lock on it so they can’t get in, LOL it still hasn’t come off the fridge and I doubt it will…… This small, and effective little product is going to ale my life a lot easier 🙂 🙂 so I’m a happy Mammy today 🙂

Ive used lots of different locks for the drawers, fridge over the last two years but they have come off from the kids pulling at them, this multi lock is a lot different, it looks different and is better quality to anything I’ve used before.

As a parent I understand the importance of child proofing the home, its not a choice we get its more a necesity for our children’s safety.

BabyDan lock features

  • Additional screw fittings to secure lock to uneven surfaces where needed
  • Can be fitted to front of cupboards with two handles together, or front and side for single handle appliances and drawers
  • Easy to install with instruction leaflet included
  • Simple for parents to use giving you that extra peace of mind
  • Product height 25cm and width 13.5cm

I am extremely happy with the quality of this multi lock, I’m going to order a lot more now for the cupboards and wardrobes upstairs.

If you are like me and have gone through many different types of locks then you will like this baby dan multi lock, fantastic quality and very importantly it was SO easy to put onto the fridge 🙂

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