Best Maternity Underwear for you.

Underwear is such big part of pregnancy, when pregnancy its not about how they look anymore its about how comfortable they are, the most comfortable but also cost effective. We have so much to purchase for baby, that we don’t want to be spending crazy amounts of money on underwear, HOWEVER it is very important that we do NOT neglect ourselves throughout pregnancy. We need to be comfortable throughout our whole pregnancy.

Comfortable underwear needs to be a priority as soon as you get pregnant, our bodies change, things get bigger so our clothes don’t fit anymore, We need to support our breasts, bumps and back.

I have listed a few options that I believe are important throughout your pregnancy, after being through 2 pregnancies in 2 years I learned what worked for me and what didn’t.

Belly bandit – Upsie belly support with gel pack
As your bellies grows you may find it a little more uncomfortable mooing around as bump tends to get in your way. Supporting your bump is so important for not only baby but Mammy to be, you need to support your bump and back. The belly bandit is a very computable bump and back support for maximum comfort. Its a very soft product and feels nice on the skin. This allows you to move freely without discomfort. The upsie belly support is created from ultra-soft viscose from bamboo materials and includes a hot/cold gel pack.








Carriwell Seamless Drop Cup Nursing Bra

Nursing bras are so important through your pregnancy, As baby grows we grow too and our breasts tend to get a lot bigger while pregnant as milk is being produced, its a very beautiful and natural process. I used this exact nursing bra throughout my pregnancy and I loved it I had about 4 of the exact same bra through my pregnancies, but also I used them after baby came.  As this bra is seamless its extremely comfortable to wear. The silky soft breathable microfiber fabric moulds to your changing body.








Remember to always be comfortable through your pregnancy, no one likes to feel discomfort especially when you are pregnant. Don’t neglect your body, listen to your body, if you are feeling back pain or discomfort listen to your body because its telling you that you need to take extra care.

Comfort is key throughout pregnancy, protect yourself and bump.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and if you have any questions about these products guys just drop me a mail as I used both of them throughout my pregnancies and I can pass on my personal experiences.

Have a great day


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