My Invisalign Journey with

As most of you are aware, I recently started my clearbraces treatment. Getting braces is something iv wanted to do for a long time, growing up I had 2 teeth that I was very conscious about and when I would smile in pics I could see it very noticeably which bothered me a lot.

As I was getting older they became more and more visible, particularly after I became 25 I noticed a big difference.

I didn’t want to get the train tracts as I felt I would have been very conscious as I work in the public so often, So the clear braces were perfect for me. img_1488

I looked around at a lot of different options and I went in for about 4 consultations with different surgeries, I found one that I was happy with which was in Clane, it was a bit of a drive away but I didn’t mind as I felt really comfortable.

I was delighted to hear that I fit the requirements to get the Invisalign in…. This made me so happy and I was extremely excited.

We began the process within a matter of weeks, they told me I could have them in for 6-12 months, I actually didn’t care how long I would have them on as I just wanted to start the process, after so many years of talking about doing it I finally did it… 🙂 I was like a child in a sweet shop LOLimg_1489

I’m not going to continue writing I’m just going to let you watch the video on my journey. I hope you enjoy it and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions at all 🙂 🙂 enjoy guys


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