Life as a Single Mammy

Life as a single Mammy

Since July of 2015 I have been a single mammy, it has been an absolute roller coaster of a ride for me and my children, some highs and some lows, smiles and tears but all in all I am proud of how I have managed on my own.  Myself and my babies have a very peaceful life, we are the ultimate trio, the bond we have is unbreakable and unstoppable, the bond between a mother and her children is so magical.
If your a single parent you understand the challenges we come up against on a day to day basis, but one thing I personally know is that I have complete clarity in my life, having no distraction feels amazing, having less worries and more ME time is great.  Being a single parent is not a bad thing, its makes you see life clearer and makes you realise what is important and what is not. Enjoy life we only get one shot, live life to the fullest, live your dreams, smile, be happy and never settle for less than you deserve.
I speak to single parents every day and I love how we all relate to each other its beautiful, the friends I have made through parent and baby groups is special, life is about creating moments for you and your family.
Us parents need to stick together, share stories and come together. After all being a parent is the most beautiful gifts in the world.
Cherish your moments and never take them for granted, life is so short and with a blink of an eye our babies will no longer be babies and will grow into beautiful young people.
Lots of love
Emma X

8 thoughts on “Life as a single Mammy

  1. I saw You video regarding domestic violence on Facebook and I wanted to share that you are an amazing woman – strong and gentle. I wish You love, happy and calm life and lots of cheerful moments with the children. They are adorable 🙂 God bless you, family of three, and don’t forget to praise yourself for what you are, beautiful mamma 🙂

  2. I am glad you found your way out of that nightmare and I hope you never lose faith in mankind. You are a beautiful inspiration to women everywhere, keep it up!

  3. I saw both of my sisters be abused by their violent boyfriends and got out of a relationship with an alcoholic just in time before it turned violent. I was not going to allow myself to go through what my sisters went through. You have a way harder story and I commend you for having done what you had to do for you and your beautiful beautiful children. You’re setting a wonderful example for woman who are in the shoes you once were. I’m also a single mom living in beautiful sunny California, USA. It’s tough but she keeps me strong. You’re children are very lucky to have such a strong beautiful loving mother. May God bless you and your family for always.

  4. Just read your post with your bruised eye, and it was very meaningful. My first husband cheated on me among others things. My second husband mentally abused me. I am so glad you stepped up and left your abusive mate. So very proud of you for building your life into something strong and happy. I raised my daughter on my own beginning when she was 5yrs old. She is now 37 and has grown into a beautiful human being! The bond we have is unbreakable as yours is with your children. Stay strong and be well, my dear. The three of you are beautiful too! You will never, ever regret leaving him. I left both of mine and have never looked back.

  5. Emma, just saw some videos… We are a latin Family living in USA , near Los Angeles CA USA, mean Disneyland and a lot of fun parks around !!!

    When you wish, please feel free to join a fun day swith us !

    You, and your kids obviously !

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