Speaking at the Third World Women’s Conference in the Hague

WOW! where do I even begin……. firstly to be even contacted by this amazing organisation was a blessing, to then be invited to speak at this amazing world wide event was sooooo overwhelming. I remember it like it was yesterday I was walking around a shopping centre with my friend and the two kids, I still had my black eye and people were looking at me and when I was speaking to the organisers on the phone I simply did not care about the stares and the looks.

When got the call at first I must admit I was not too familiar with the conference, speaking to one of the organisers on the phone and hearing her speak to me was just so unbelievably humbling. Asking me to be a guest speaker at this event, sharing my story with over 1000 people in the Netherlands, hearing that the shelter and organisation were proud that I shared MY story and that my story can help so many women around the world.

The lead unto the conference was so lovely,but very emotional fro me at the same time, a world wind of emotions going through my mind. I can’t believe they want me to speak? I’m just a 26 year old girl who shared a video on Facebook? and they want to hear from me??? at this point i truly believed I was nothing and no body, I believed I had no self worth and put myself down a lot.

I began preparing for my speech, I was so excited and nervous. I was excited because I knew I was making my children proud and my family proud of this achievement.

I wanted my speech to be from the heart I didn’t want it to be rehearsed.

12196083_10153657074361380_5856452206560844833_nWe arrived in the Hague and it was pretty crazy and hectic with the two babies, they were out of their environment so naturally enough this was a complete shock to their system, it was challenging but I had my friend with me and thank god I did as I would never have got through it without her, she was my life saver, she was like my mother that weekend and something I will never forget.

The night before the conference I met with all the organisers at dinner, to say they were lovely is an understatement, I felt so welcomed by them all, they gad so much time to listen to me and hear my thoughts.

The morning of the conference i woke up got myself and the kids ready, we ate breakfast together and the time was going by so fast, it was time to go to the conference, again nerves were getting slightly worse I didn’t know what to expect but knew that I would have all the team on my side.

11223582_10153657075956380_5488882283960722675_nEntering the huge auditorium with a beautiful lady Anna who was by my side all day, I remember thinking OMG how is this happening????? speaking to myself in my head, thinking wow is this really happening? am I going to speak in front of all these people????

Sitting at the front row, people coming unto me, taking photos, telling me how proud they are of me, feeling just soooo overwhelmed and humble. It was the most beautiful feeling in the world. Sitting becide Ashley Judd a hollywood actress who commended me for my bravery and expressed how she felt about me… Thinking wow I am speaking to Ashley Judd and she knows who I am????? is this actually happening to me?? I’m just Emma Murphy from Finglas how can this be real.

22805925916_82f9a99730_bIt was time for my to say my speech, they played my video for a couple of seconds which was extremely difficult for me as I hadn’t watched it since posing it, I did not let that sway me and throw me off. I was invited to speak at this conference and I needed to deliver, I needed to share my story with pure heart and sole, and that is what I did.. Once I began speaking my nerves went, I had notes but I didn’t even look at the page, I spoke purely from my heart and it came across in my speech, looking around at people nodding their head in agreement with me, tears in the audience, 6 mins later i ended my speech and the autatorium stood up for a staring ovation…………. I knew then at that point that this is real and that people do believe in me and I need o start believing in myself. 1000 people standing for me and to commend me on my story, it proved to me that I did the right thing and my story has been heard and it is powerful.

Walking from that stage and thinking Mam I know you were holding my hand through this.

Always believe in yourself

Emma X

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