Online Coaching with Emma

Online Coaching

Online Coaching is definitely the new way forward. People are so busy in  their lives that they struggle to fit the gym into their day. Or should I say they make excuses to do everything else but the gym!

It’s alls bout choices, making a considerable effort every week to ensure you are looking after your mental health, mind, body and soul. Doing that one thing a few times a week that releases happy endorphins and leaves you feeling pumped.

Online coaching is the perfect way to get in shape but to do it with full support, guidance and to have com one who holds you accountable on a weekly basis. Well that person is me.

I love doing online coaching with my clients, I receive so many pics of food on a daily basis my gallery fills up so quickly but I love it, I love it because people get so into it, it become part of their everyday life, excited to show off the foods they’re eating, the workouts they’re doing and all in all holding themselves accountable.

Sometimes we hit a slump and we need that added push o get us going and that is what online coaching is about. It’s about having a trained professional there to support you everyday, through the good and through the bad, someone to give you valuable information about fitness, health, nutrition and most importantly to have FUN.

My online coaching plan is just that FUN. Here is what to expect.

Online consultation/assessment

Goal setting

Personalised workout plan to suit your goals and lifestyle.

Personalised Meal plan to suit your goals and lifestyle

Free Nutritional eBook

Weekly online webinar

Private FB support page

Weekly Check ins

Daily support

Are you ready to work with me? Do you trust me? If so get ready ad lets go. Lets get you fitter, happier, healthier.




Online Coaching with Emma
Online Coaching with Emma

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