Mind Over Matter Roadshow Event Limerick

I’m so excited about “Mind Over Matter” coming to Limerick city.  I have thought about doing events for a long time now and I figured if I travel the world speaking at other events why not just do my own??? This way I can speak about anything I want and do it within  the time frame I want.

So my events are called “Mind Over Matter” – The events are capped at 50 Max capacity purely because I want to be able to speak to everyone at the events and I want it to be personal and intimate.

The events are going to be fun, inspirational and motivational. You will leave my event feeling pumped, feeling like you can take on the world.

I will be sharing you, my story, my toxic relationships, how I turned my life around and how I continue to face the world every day.

I will also be sharingmy fitness story with you and we will be ending with a fitness class (nothing too crazy) but we will have a lot of FUN…… Bring your trainers because you will sweat!!!!

I am so excited to see you all in Limerick. Only 20 tickets left guys so get your Xmas pressies in NOW! Follow the link to book your seat.


Emma X

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