Sometimes you just need to hear those words “you’re a great Mother”

What a weekend, this weekend has been a very challenging weekend for me, so much has happened that I have literally wanted to scream my head off, I missed out on my friends baby shower as I had no sitter, kids acting up, Arabella teething, Misplaced my car keys etc etc……..

As a mother I know its completely normal and natural to get stressed at times, I see parents every single day with their kids in supermarkets, shops, cars, schools etc…. Especially if you are doing it alone. Kids play up, they act up, they are so curious and adventurous that they play off each other. My two are ages 1 & 2 so they constantly play up on me, they spur each other on to do “bad” things, like Xavier would creep into Arabella’s room and hand her a bottle of cream so she can throw it a lll over the place, or Xavier would creep down to the kitchen while I’m sleeping to take food from the freezer lol I can laugh about it now but at the time its happening it can be challenging and frustrating.

This weekend was one of those weekends where I felt I could do no right, It got to me a lot, their were laughs, but there were also tears… When we have these kind of days we begin to question ourselves???? question our parenting??? like we shouldn’t get stressed???? How can you not get stressed at times? its normal and its natural.a284c5f50e1ed0a7fff89fe31c785db8

Having one child can be challenging but having two is even more challenging especially if there is only a 1 year gap between them and they are a huge ball of energy lol like ALOT of energy… Well this weekend was mentally challenging and someone just said to me “Emma you’re a great Mother”……… I can’t remember that last time I heard that tom someone who knows me???? And it felt amazing, it brought a tear to my eye, that someone close to me recognised that I am doing a great job?????? Those words meant the world to me and made me smile so much inside.  Why don’t people say this more?????

Being a parent has its ups and down, so many ups, if you are a single parent you will understand this blog, its so challenging and only single parents actually understand the challenges we face on a daily basis. We cant shower when the kids are awake, we have to wait until they’re asleep, we can’t stand in front of our wardrobe and decide what we are going to wear that day???? NO NO we have to throw on the first thing insite because behind us is the kids running around the house pulling everything out of the drawers, we can’t just go out to the shop to grab some milk or bread?? NO NO we have to pack the car, get the kids dressed, get the buggy and away we go…. We can’t go out for a drink when we feel like it or go the cinema, or a show, or shopping NO NO we have to plan weeks in advance and try get a babysitter for the few hours we want to be free and feel young again…. that also costs a lot of money. We can’t just go on a date if we wish because we have these little people who come before us.

As a single parent our lives are put on hold unless you have the financial stability and support to make some changes.  As a parent we make sacrifices for our loved ones and we love doing that, As challenging as it is being a single parent we know that we get to wake up and the first person the kids see is you, we get to see their crazy hair in the mornings, see them jumping up and down in their cot, hear them calling ma ma ma, we get to tickle their belly first thing in the morning, brush their teeth, brush their cute hair, dress them, bring them to creche, wave bye bye dropping them off, we are the ones who get to sit at the dinner table and eat together as a family, we are the ones who gets to teach them right from wrong, we are the ones to gets to bath them every night, tell them stories, dance around the kitchen listening to music, play with them before bed, give them snuggles, kisses and nose kisses 24/7 we are the ones who get to say night night love you every single night……. So I think the pros whey out the cons 100% seeing your kids smile at you in the morning is worth more than anything in this world, its priceless,  but in saying that nothing should be sugar coated, it is difficult and challenging at times but worth it… So we shouldn’t be afraid to be honest and say yes its amazing being parent but its also challenging. images-2

In those difficult times,  hearing the words “You’re a great Mother” is amazing and it can change someones day. If you have a partner or a wife or a GF tell her she’s a good mother and that she is doing a great job. We can hear this all day long from strangers but hearing it from someone you care about will change her day and maker her feel acknowledged. Doesn’t she deserve that????

Nothing in life is easy, we are always faced with obstacles but I’m a firm believer in overcoming them with the best possible attitude.

Tell the mother of your child that she is doing a great job because she deserves it and so much more.

Iv only ever heard this from friends and family and of course my followers but thats enough for me, thats all I need, and this weekend someone pointed it out to me and it made my day.



Emma XxX


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  1. EMMA sense I saw your post of the abuse of a man putting his hands on you that it makes me so angry,upset and sad for you no men that put a hand on a lady like yourself is not a men but a coward, sense that day I started to follow you and I’m so proud of you for what you have been doing true FB, instergram, keep up the great work and your kids are so adorable, Emma I see all your video and pictures and give you positive comments I want you to know that it’s with all the respect that you deserve as a wonderful and beautiful person inside and out, like I say keep it up and sharing all the wonderful post.

    GOD bless you and your kids
    Much love & respect send you a hug.

    JjHair Artist

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