A true friendship that will never fade.

Im so happy to have these girls home for Christmas. 6 Years of friendship but feels like we know each other all our lives. A TRUE friendship that will never fade.

We met in Ibiza in 2012 while working in a bar. Turns out the bar was full of Irish people, I never knew back then that we would be still friends to this day.

Over the past 6 years we have gone through so much trauma and drama In our own lives, we have lost loved ones, we have mourned, we cried, we laughed but we have shared some amazing experiences together here in Ireland and around the world.

I knew from the moment my friend Olivia said to me in Ibiza “anytime you want to go to the beach or hang out just let me know” I knew from that moment that we would be friends forever.

In our little Irish group we had Richie, Lynn Olivia & Susan – we lived together in ibiza & we worked together and we still never got sick of each other.

The girls are still living the dream, travelling the world, working and creating memories and legacies everywhere they go. Although at times there is hundreds of miles between us we still manage to keep in touch, make plans and reminisce about our memories.

This Christmas the girls decided to come home to see their families, when I saw that Facebook check in at the airport my heart nearly skipped a beat – I was so delighted that we would be together again. (as corny as that sounds) You know when you meet people and you just click???

Iv had a really difficult December a lot of challenges has come my way and sadly a lot of bad Karma… why? I do not know nor will I dwell on it. Last night we decided to meet and headed into town to embrace the Christmas spirit together – How was it? PERFECT a night filled with so much laughs, giggles, and of course tears – but thats because we understand each other, we feel each others pain.

How do you know who your real friends are??? they’re the people who NEVER judged you, never let you go through shit alone and never abandoned you when you needed them most.

Never let friends slip away, if you have the real ones around you they feel like family.


Emma XxX

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