2 Year old Tantrums first thing in the Morning is not fun!

What a stressful morning……. My day hasn’t started off too good, I went to bed really late last night as Iv totally got stuck into a TV series on Netflix, so I stayed up late catching up (not a good idea when you have to be up at 7 for the nursery  run) of course I slept it out 🙁 🙁  woke at 9am – with Xavier lying across my body!!!! I woke up  in a frenzy – Xavier shouting “I want breckie, I want breckie” I’m running around the house like a crazy woman trying to get Xavier dressed. Creche starts at 8.30am so I’m really trying to go fast. I get Xavier ready and he’s totally fine. I ask him to wait downstairs while I get Arabella ready……. Well that wasn’t so easy!

Lets just say Arabella isn’t a morning person, I took her out of her cot she was already screaming before I to over to her, I bring her down stairs to dress her, she has an absolute FIT when I put her tights on, she tense her legs so that I couldn’t dress her, she wouldn’t let me change her nappy, she wouldn’t let me do anything, I eventually get her dressed, and I thought I calmed her down, so I bring them both into the kitchen to make them toast, Xavier was happy, I gave Arabella hers and she went absolutely crazy, threw it across the floor. Poor Xavier didn’t know what was happening.  Im looking at her and she’s just screaming. Im thinking to myself OMG I’m never staying up late again.

Arabella is starting to talk but she is still trying to piece things together, so she has no way of communicating apart from shouting and screaming and if she doesn’t get her own way or she can’t express how she feels all she can do is scream and cry…. I was looking at her asking whats wrong, whats wrong????

Imagine someone asking you that and not being able to answer???? Imagine the frustration??? Well that was Arabella this morning. I took the toast away as she didn’t want it……. another melt down….. I put her in the buggy……. another meltdown……I started eating some toast…… another meltdown…….. I played her favourite music……. another meltdown………. anything I said was aggravating her……

We got to creche at 9.45am I looked like a mental woman, hair not brushed  – threw up in a bun, I was on the verge of tears but was happy to get them into nursery, and as soon as they went in they seemed settled, particularly Arabella.

From the moment they were both born I was determined and adamant to have them in a good routine and I have to say I’m happy iv stuck with it, I always keep them in routine and I believe routine is good for them.

Valuable lesson learned never again will I sleep in in the mornings, NO WAY.

It got me thinking about her tantrums and I came across this great article below – hoping this will help me and you mammies might light to read too 🙂

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