Competition time…… Who doesn’t LOVE a FREEBIE?

Whooop Whooop I’m excited!!!!! I love competitions and I particularly LOVE when the prize is AMAZING…..

To celebrate our Pregnancy & baby Month at we are giving away lots of freebies, would you like to be in with a chance to win??????? If so just check out our Facebook page all you have to do is like the page and share the post?????? Easy right??? SO easy.

The prize we have chosen to give away is our amazing and award winning Dreamgenii, this product is literally flying off the shelf, mammies to be an bums LOVE the Dreamgenii and I know why, I and one when I was pregnancy and it was literally my best friend. IMG_8179

The Dreamgenii is a superier product that achieves optimal Foretal Positioning to help with a shorter and less painful pregnancy. This dream genii pregnancy pillow provides maximum comfort for Mother and bump throughout pregnancy.

The dreamgenii aids restful sleep, supports bump, back and knees at the same time, helps you to lie on your left side (which is best for you and baby), prevents you from rolling onto your back while you are asleep, Encourages maximum blood flow to mother and baby, doubles as a feeding support pillow. IMG_8180

The dreamgenii will give you amazing comfort.

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