Why plug sockets are so important in the home?!

Parents, we all know once we become a parent that one of the first things we need to do is baby proof the house, its pretty much an instant thing we think about once the baby starts crawling. There is so much to do, get a fie guard for the cooker, stair gates, locks and latches for the cupboards, TV straps, gate for the fire place, and soooooooo much more.

Today I’m going to explain the importance of a very cheap and simple product called our BabyDan Socket Plugs, A very common accident in the home is from electrical accidents, Children are so curious and they do not understand the dangers of certain things, they love to explore, and funnily enough they love to go for things that they are not allowed near……IE The plug sockets………. I have seen kids constantly touch the sockets and put their tiny little fingers inside the socks, even my own tried o do it so many times and I would let a massive scream. Talk about being dangerous, This is so common in most children……

FACT – If your baby touches an electric current — with his finger, foot, or mouth, for example — the current runs through part of his body. Depending on the strength and type of current and how long your baby holds on, it can cause a split-second sensation, a burn, or a serious injury.

Prevention: Always make sure you have your sockets in the home are covered with socket covers, don’t go for the cheap ones, try them, test them out in the socks and go wit the strongest ones. As I said in my video I had covers in but the kids could very easily take them out and so they did, they would keep on going to the socket to take off the covers, Since having the new ones I’m very happy and pleased with them, I now am not afraid when I see them go over to the plugs, they cannot get the cover off.

Safety in the home is critical and should never be messed with or not taken seriously, we bring these children into the world, it is our duty as parents to keep them as safe as we can, and we can do that by doing a few simple steps to make sure our home is a safe environment.

Have a great day and lets all take action to make our home the safest place for our babies.

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