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Creche run, every morning like clock work I do the creche run and its the one of the funniest parts of my day, The music playing and the kids all excited for their day ahead. We sing all the way in the car on the way to the creche.

My kids love creche and I’m very lucky it is very close to my house, in the car on the way there, Xavier keeps saying “linda, Linda, Linda” there is 3 Linda’s that work in the creche every morning he says “Linda get my breakie” Its the cutest moment ever, he loves linda and  especially because she get him his breakie every morning.

What is the school run like for you Mammy’s? is it fun? stressful? do you have your own little games or sing songs in the morning? I think it important to get the kids all pumped up for their day ahead.

Monday – Friday I drop and collect the kids from creche and we all love it, we have Winnie the pooh playing in the car and they absolutely LOVE it, it makes them smile and seeing them smile makes me let inside 🙂 🙂 🙂

I would love to know your morning time routine on the way to school/Creche 🙂

Have a lovely day guys


Happy Monday


Emma XxX

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