Monday Airport Antics

I’m going to Luton to visit my friends, My amazing friends who have been there for me through thick and thin and especially over the last year of my life they have been my rock. We all lived together in Ibiza in 2012, so we have a special bond that can’t be explained, you know when you meet people and you just click???? and you can laugh about anything? cry about anything? well that is us 🙂 🙂 true friends for life.

My dad drops me to the airport, I’m completely chilled, kids are sorted and I’m ready to go to london, no kids so I’m extremely relaxed and looking forward to some ME time.
Strolling round the airport having a nose, looking at all the beautiful shops but I only needed to get one thing, my MAC bronzer, believe me I was so temped to buy everything…..but then remembered I need the cash for my holiday haha.
So after my purchase I decide to go into the bar and order myself a drink, I see this guy (really good looking guy) I sat down with my wine, from the corner of my eye I see all his friends join him, I hear english accents, His friends walked by me previously when I was strolling around through the airport but I just laughed it off as they were giggling when I walked by and trying to grab my attention.
So I’m typing on my laptop when I see this guy from the coIMG_6995rner of my eye coming over my direction, then he stops, walks again, stops, walks again, I was laughing inside, (I’m pretending I’m doing something really important on my laptop as I begin to get embarrassed) he comes up to me and asks”are you working” I look up and giggle and say well I’m just researching lol……. His friends were laughing at him, slagging and making jokes, they made it so difficult for him to speak to me, I was giggling and giggling and going RED, and RED, and RED in the face….. I became so embarrassed, I am not used to getting chatted up at all as I am usually with the kids so it doesn’t happen a lot.

Anyway the guy found the courage, he ignored his fiends and started chatting to me, when I say this moment was hilarious, I literally mean I it was HILARIOUS……. Anyway we got chatting and they were all so funny, from Liverpool and we had the craic. His friends were laughing their head off at him (poor guy)

IMG_6994This got me thinking, and seriously it must take some guts and courage to chat up a girl when you are with a group of lads? that has got to be embarrassing for lads in general??? I would love to know guys take on this? Do you get embarrassed speaking to a girl? Do your mates make this process more difficult and cringe?

Looking back on this moment this guy had a tough time
with his friends in the background but I commend people like that who ignore their mates and just go for it. I never saw these people before in my life but I commend this one guy in particular, he made my day and more importantly made me laugh.

This is the beginning of my travel journey, off to london I go for the week to work and visit my Ibiza family 🙂 🙂

Il keep you guys updated on my travels, don’t forget you can follow me on snapchat guys “emmamammabear”


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have a lovely evening


Emma XxX

One thought on “Monday Airport Antics

  1. It is definitely tougher in front of friends to approach a female. I think it’s mainly the fear of rejection and having your friends laugh at you and joke about it for years to come. But the best part of your story is knowing that you were nervous embarrassed too. I think most guys think females get hit on,approached so often that they don’t get nervous about it.

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