EasyFix Drawer & Cupboard lock

Every home needs to have cupboard and drawer locks, and not just one….. Does your child open and close the cupboards on a daily basis? and take out everything in the cupboard???? Ever turn around and they have a glass in their hand? or a plate? or something sharp????? I have had this experience and it was a very scary moment as a parent.

Babies are curious, they love to explore, they love to be naughty and play up on their parents, its the fun of growing up……. As parents we need to be prepared but more importantly we need to PREVENT accidents in the one as best as we can, and that means baby proofing the home…….. Trust me you will thank yourself in later years, it will make your life a lot easier TRUST me on this one.

We don’t want to keep saying NO all day long do we??? Well I was doing that I was beginning to sound like a NAG, saying NO a llllll day long, obviously this was for the children’s safety but looking back it was not their fault that they want dot explore the house…… As a parent it is our responsibility to make sure our home is safe for our children.

I recently got the BabyDan EasyFix Drawer & Cupboard lock, it took me less than 2 minutes to fit onto the cupboard, No screw, no fixtures and no fittings. The lock keeps the cupboard locked so the children cannot get into the cupboard and possibly cause themselves an injury. This is very secure and I will now not worry when the children are in the kitchen.

Prevention is key,Babyproof_Header when we become a parent we try our best to prevent accidents in the home, don’t get me wrong accidents will always accrue, but wouldn’t it be better if we could just take responsibility for our children and be a little more cautious? I think so 🙂

Im very happy with the locks from BabySafety, it secure, safe, easy to fit, clean, tidy and so so simple to use.


Enjoy baby proofing your home guys and let me know how your getting on 🙂 Please see link below, don’t forget to post your pics 🙂

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