Did someone say American Footballer’s and NYPD

Sunday Funday – I love Sundays, I always make sure I do something Fun and worth while, I don’t like staying at home on sundays I like being out and about.

This week a friend of mine had some friends that were over from New York, So on thursday she was like oh lets go an meet them to show them around Dublin, I had no idea they were officers from the NYPD nor did I know they were American footballers………


Thursday we were in Pygmalion for a couple of drinks, they had a special on – 2 for 1 on all cocktails 🙂 If you go there get the Mojito they’re  amazing 🙂 We then went to the reliable Dicey Reilly’s on harcourt street, always guaranteed to have a good night in Dicey Reilly’s / krystle, Great music and great drink specials. We had a great night and some serious laughs, It took me awhile to grasp the accents though I must say, ha ah ha.14088588_10153930314245749_3310964199951272165_n
Today they were playing their game at Trinity Sports ground in Santry so we took the kids down to watch the game, we wanted to show our support, the kids absolutely loved it, running around screaming and shouting with myself and Siobhain chasing them… When the guys came to say hello, The kids did not know what to do, they just kept looking them up and down……. Especailly Arabella, her face was priceless…….

Today was the first American Football game I had ever been t
o where the footballers were actually American…… WOW that is a physical sport, I just kept saying to myself Xavier is not playing this 14068079_10153930312680749_1341305180513860544_nsport when he is older lol….. I had so much fun and by the end I was coming to terms with the rules of the game, The NYPD were playing Trinity College, It was a great game, the NYPD came out on top and won their game.
I could think of worse ways to spend a Sunday can you? 😉
Its amazing meeting new people especially from other 14089217_10153930314080749_1154276496379112575_ncountries, meeting different cultures, personalities, I am very much a peoples person and now we have met some great friends from NY, I cannot wait to go to New York and see a game….. Networking is powerful meeting new people is powerful and its beautiful.

Definitely going to stay in touch with these guys and stay connected.

Have a great evening guys I hope you all had a lovely day.


Emma XxX

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