Fun activities with the kids that Don’t cost a bomb!

Today is sooooooo beautiful the weather is just fabulous. On day’s like today I tell the kids they are not allowed to watch the TV when the sun is out.. Believe it or not but it works well. They see the sun and they know they cannot sit in watching TV.

being a parent can be expensive, one is pricey enough let alone two children with just 12 months between them.  I am buying 2 bit of everything at all times. Shoes, clothes, activities, days out etc and to be honest weather you are a single parent or in a relationship it all adds up.

Personally I have really noticed this year has been more expensive than any other year. They are 3 & 4 years of age, They are at the age that they are asking for things constantly. Don’t get me wrong they don’t get everything they ask for and in fact usually when they ask I say no and then I may surprise them at a further date but day to day and general activities are costing a lot which I just do not have especially with Xavier starting school this year (panic mode) has kicked in so I’ve had to sit back and look at finances and look at things that I can do to entertain the kids but also do this on a budget so Here is what I have done.

1 – I have made purchased that will last all summer (once off buys) that they will have for the year e.g. – swimming pool. this cost me €9.99 from Smyhs Toys and has been used so much with the hot whether.


A slide for the back garden, my aunt got his last year and the kids use this in the summer or the winter it is a great toy especially if they have the other kids around

Another great buy has been water guns, I even got one for myself lol let’s face it adults have just as much fun as the kids, again I bought these from Smyths Toys

Some great outdoor activities that are FREE are:

Phoinix Park  –

Pet farm corkagh park –

National Botanic gardens –

National Museum of Ireland –

Ardgillan Castle –

These are all great FREE family fun places to go with the kids if you are on a budget. It s so simple, I do it all the time with my friend and her daughter, we pack the bags with sambas, juice, treats and off we go, all we need is petrol in the car and a few euro for an ice cream.

I love getting the kids out door and exploring, having fun, messing around, kicking a ball. The outdoors is so old for them plus they get to play with new kids.

Wo go to the play centre of course but not as much in the summer as they love running around outdoors and it can work out expensive with the 2.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great time. It is about the memories not the material things. I love our free family fun activities. I hope these freebie tips have helped you mammas out there 😉 any suggestions are welcome


Enjoy the beautiful weather


Love Emma XxX

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