This day 3 years ago…

You know the way Facebook do this memory thing where every so often a memory pops up on your news feed? I love when that happens as it brings up memories and pics that I may have forgotten about.

Well today a memory popped up on my time line, it was just the normal pics of myself and the kids (my usual selfies) It reminded me that this date 3 years ago I became a single mother. My life changed within a matter of minutes. A day I will never forget.  The day I received a black eye for no just reason. The day someone took advantage of my vulnerability.

I look back over the time I was in a toxic relationship, I look at the amount of tears I shed, the amount of weight I lost, the amount of frustration and sadness in my body, the amount of self hate I had for myself. I was extremely unhappy, I was trying to make something work that now I see never would have ever worked nor would I want it too.  Back then I was a shy timid, sad and lonely girl lost in a bubble a bubble I couldn’t escape from.

Now 3 years on I’m a single mother who is happier, stronger and more determined than ever to give myself and my kids everything we deserve and I know I will succeed in doing it.

For so long I was afraid of being on my own with 2 children, I was afraid of becoming a single mother ( the irony of it ) looking back I always was a single mother so nothing had really changed in that sense.

Being single gives you clarity,  it gives you time to think about what you want for YOU and not the other person.

Today is a celebration for me. I can celebrate my life and happiness because I hadn’t had or felt what happiness was like in so long. Now I live my life making my own happiness and not expecting it from someone else.

The thought of becoming a single mother was far more worse than actually doing it. It was the thought that stopped me for so long but in the end it was the best decision for myself and children.

Happy Mother = Happy Children

Life is full of ups and downs, I still have a lot of down days but that is due to stress, life and just your regular day to day battles.

I have so much respect for single Parents, doing it on their own, making sacrifices and just getting on with it. We all know it is not easy but it is so worth it.

I have read a lot of the last couple of years to help me with mindfulness and my thinking and I have read the secret about 3 times, if I’m having a bad day I take it out and read a chapter. If you advent read it give it a shot, keep an open mind and read it slowly, embrace every chapter and think about it deeply (link below)


My tip to you is this: Don’t ever stay somewhere where you are unhappy. Know your worth, know exactly what you deserve, never put yourself down even if others do. Remember you are beautiful.

We only get one shot at life, make the ,oat of it and make everyday count and finally Don;t ever be afraid to ask for help.

The day this all happened to me my dad was away and I messaged my aunt who I hadn’t spoke to in over 2 months and I said “Sandra I need you” and she was there within the hour. Your family will have your back no matter what.


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