How do we get that life balance?

I hear it all the time “life is about balance” you must hear it too? I even say it myself but what actually is balanced? what is a balance when you are a mother? How do we get the correct balance? How do we do that when you are a single parent? Is it possible?

I mean think about it. You are a single Mother. paying all the bills, rent, food, school fees, activities, clean the house, do the washing, tidying, cooking, driving them around like your a taxi, then you are working a job that allows you to be flexible, trying to connect to wifi every single coffee shop you pass so you can quickly respond to an email so you don’t miss the opportunity…… When you are doing all of this and more how do we get balance?

Single mothers are always caught up in this dilemma (I’m in it right now and have been since my kids were born)

We want the best for our children obviously. What is the best though?

Do we get a full-time job? If we do get a full-time job say 9 am – 6 pm We will have to have a nanny, someone to drop and collect the children to and from school and give us enough time to get into work on time. That is an option of course but there is also so many factors to consider.

1 – Childcare expenses

2 – You will not be at home to actually raise the kids.

3 – You miss out on all the growing up. All the fun

As a single Mother would find it difficult to have a nanny looking after my children, I would rather they be with a family member but sometimes people do not have that choice and sometimes we have to make these sacrifices to give the best we can for our children but then I ask is love more important? Is time more important? Giving your children love and time is precious.

I’m in a dilemma at the moment where I am figuring out my career path.. I’m close to hitting 30 and I guess I am panicking.  Am I the only one?

I have all these goals and dreams that I want o to pursue and I want to succeed at doing them, I have full faith in myself but the dilemma is having 2 kids and raising them lone makes it a little challenging at times.

The other Dilemma I am in is right now how I am working for myself, with a few roles that I have which is great as I can manage my own times and my own days but the negatives are I am constantly on my phone. Checking emails, sending proposals, connecting with people… I feel I live on my phone which I hate but it is my income stream.

So I find myself in a predicament. I asked myself what is “balance” and in my opinion, every person and every household will be different. I found I was completely stressing myself out about this, I was staying up late at night thinking of ways to make a better life for myself and my children, I did this so much so that I was not sleeping at all. I and to go to the doctor and they prescribed medication to help me sleep.

Due to my dilemma, I became quite down in myself, down because I felt I couldn’t get a hold on my life, I let my head control me, I allowed my thoughts to over-empower my mind, so much so that I fell into a state of depression for some time.

Don’t allow your head to take up too much time controlling your thoughts.

I came across this really good article and I read it over and over again until I accepted to live in the “NOW”


I studied this like the back of my hand and now I fill these steps daily and feel so much better. I hope this helps you too


Love Emma XxX

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