How do you wake up in the morning??

I woke up like this……… How cute is this??? I couldn’t get the full picture but I think you get the idea???? every morning I wake up with this little prince wrapped around me…..

Im not going to lie, I woke up and was clinging to the side of the bed, my head was on my bedside locker (so comfortable) NOT, Don’t get me wrong I love having this little man wrapped around me but OMG does he take up the whole double bed…….. does your kids do the same?

Xavier creeps into my bed early in the morning, he must be so so quiet because I do not hear him doing it at all anymore, He used to come in and wake me and I would put him back in his own bed but now I just wake in the mornings and there he is. Its quite funny.

This morning I woke up and just lay there thinking how adorable this moment was so I had to take this picture.  Now it was the most uncomfortable thing ever having my head on the bedside locker and his legs wrapped around my waist and his arms around my neck like he was trying to strangle me lol but on the flip side I absolutely loved it, I love how he just wants to be so close to his mammy, it seriously melts my heart, its like he cannot get close enough, Xavier is such a special boy, he loves cuddles and love effection, sometimes he would be watching TV and he would just get up and come over and hug me. eeeeeeeek that feeling???? isn’t it just the most amazing, heart warming feeling in the world???? Knowing that these little people need you so so much, physically & emotionally.

I would love to know how you mammy’s and daddy’s wake up in the morning? do you get your little munchkins sneaking into your bed beside you for cuddles????

Can’t wait to hear back from you guys

Love Emma XxX

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