What do you think of Arabella’s Hair Bow’s?

I absolutely love hair bow’s and hairbands on my daughter Arabella, they really make her hair look so gorgeous. I must admit, it took some time for her to leave them on her head but we have a great understanding now haha, she actually loves them, if I try to take it off her head, or try to fix it she has a fit and does not want me to take it off so I think thats a good result ha ha ha.

My dad always says to me IMG_6389what is that on her head? Its always a hair Bow she literally doesn’t leave the house without a hair bow, simply because they suit her so much and she is just adorable with them on her.
People always ask me where I get her hair Bows from? I don’t usually purchase them in the shops, I get them made from a fantastic girl who is very talented, she has a daughter herself and has a great eye, she is very creative and I just cannot resist when new ones come in, so I’m constantly ordering them in for Arabella. She does them in all colours, always vibrant & bright colours which I love on Arabella.
The material is extremely soft, I think this so why Arabella keeps them on her head because she doesn’t actually know they are on her. If I wasn’t 2IMG_63907 I would probably wear these myself lol.
I made a collage of some of the bows Arabella has, believe me this is not even half, but for anyone who likes the Bows check out this page, seriously when you see how cute your baby loos you will become addicted to hair bows just like me 🙂

2 thoughts on “What do you think of Arabella’s Hair Bow’s?

  1. love her bows! I run a small Instagram business making kids accessories (mostly bows) and my daughter is the exact same. Doesn’t leave the house without a bow and her collection is insane

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