Life as a Single Mammy

How I juggle Being a Mammy and working my Business.

So we all know being a mammy can be very challenging right???? Especially if you are a single mammy and doing it on your own? YES its challenging, frustrating, difficult, stressful, draining but SO rewarding.

This is how I woke this morning LOL
This is how I woke this morning LOL

Being a single parent doesn’t just require being a mother to your children, its requires SO much more.  Keeping the house tidy, being mentally and emotional available for yourself and your kids, cooking the breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, playing games all throughout the day to keep the kids mind active, changing nappies constantly, changing their clothes, cleaning the floors when they throw their food, manage the tantrums and the screams.  Being a single parent is challenging to say the very least because there is so much more that comes with the term parenting, and you just have YOU there is just one of you in the household to attend to all of these. Its a full time thing, its something that we do when we are awake and when we are asleep, because even when we are asleep the children is still on our mind???? what do I have to do in the morning? what time do I have to wake up to do the creche run? where will I fit in time to shower? God I hope I don’t wake up late???????? When you are the parent that is raising the kids you have SO much responsibility on your shoulders and you have NO time for yourself.  Having no time for yourself is very draining and can become very upsetting. (I’ve been there and sometimes I still get very upset over having no ME time)  Its so important to take time out for you.  We all deserve that right? We are still human and had time before we had children so why should that be taken away from us just because we become parents? it SHOULDN’T. We just need to be very aware of this and MAKE time. (time management is the key)

My life is pretty manic and anyone who knows me, knows the stress I can be under at times, but I try to remain calm and positive,  I always try to look for the best possible solution to my problems and deal with it accordingly (some easier than others)

My babies are age 1 & 2 and they are a ball of energy.

Our routine in our household is

Madness in the morning LOL

6.30am Kids wake and begin jumping and screaming for breakfast, I get the kids dressed and cleaned, I brush Arabella’s hair (which takes 10 mins every morning) I then get myself dressed (in what ever is closest to me, sometimes I don’t even get to brush my hair because while I’m getting myself ready the kids are pulling the drawers out of the wardrobes, pulling at the stair gates, pulling shoes out and throwing them down the stairs, and so much more)  so at this stage mammy is already a tad stressed, we then go down stairs I put the kids in their chairs for breakfast, while making their breakfast its a game to see who can scream the loudest for the breakfast first, so I am racing to get their breakfast to them for that peace!!! while they are eating I am flying around the house like a mad woman to clean up all of the mess they created while I was getting ready!!!!!!!! Then finally its 8.30 time for creche…. 🙂 In the car on the way to creche we always play a game to find as many trucks on the road as we can (Xavier is obsessed with trucks right now) They are in Creche from 8.30am – 1.30pm which is just amazing for the kids, their development has come on so much and I am so proud that they can go to creche to play with friends their own age, they absolutely LOVE it. They run in the door to their friends in the morning and its so cute and gives me complete peace of mind knowing they are content.

For these 5 hours I have FREE I work my business (exacially what I’m doing now) Im sitting in costa coffee with one of my business partners, enjoying the peace and quiet, following up with clients, team members, making plans with the team for rest of the week)  I work well when the kids are in creche not only because I can physically work but also for my peace of mind and mental health I have free time to think for ME.

Children are full on and its so important to make time for yourself. your mental health is EVERYHING and without a break how can you think straight? We all need time to have adult conversation right? you cannot be expected to talk like a baby ALL day long??

When my children are in Creche thats my time to get t work and earn a living and bring in an income that can support myself and my children and keep a roof over my heard. I would never be able to have a job because what happens if the kids are sick? or they are on holidays from creche? who will look after them? a boss won’t allow me to keep leaving work early? and just be like oh my kids are on easter holidays so I cannot work? No thats just not an option for me,(like most single mammy’s)  I found anther way!!!!  I found a business that I can work from home and around the children, a business where I can grow and excel and move through the ladder.

When the kids come home from creche at 1.30pm I am back in mammy mode and its mammy and children time.  They get my full undivided attention and have me all to themselves and we have a great day, again it can be stressful especially at dinner time when trying to cook dinner. Being a mammy you learn to be so fast at multitasking and become a pro. It can still get to you, we’re still human and we are not robots.

I try really hard to work on a time management basis and I find it has been working well of late, I set time aside for work, and the children.  I will admit I wish I could do more for myself like a hobby I enjoy, but at the moment its not possible but in time I believe things will get better and I will have more free time to just have for me to enjoy and do something I love.

Do something that makes you smile and happy. Create the lifestyle that you want for you and your babies.


Emma X

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  1. You are amazing! I stumbled across this on here and can relate so much! I’m from Washington state and am a stay at home mom while my husband works. I have a 1 year old, 3 year old and 7 year old. It is TOTALLY crazy most days but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Being a mom is the most difficult but rewarding job on this planet, and it comes with no real training or perfect how-to book. You just do the best you can and take one day at a time. Thank you for writing this, again, you are awesome!

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