My St Patricks Day

Wow what a day. St Patrick’s day is a very special day especially if you are Irish.  Yesterday I was super proud to be Irish.  GetAttachment.aspx

I have not been in the city centre on Paddy’s day for about 10 years.  Yesterday was absolutely amazing.  The atmosphere was electric, people flooding the streets, laughing, joking, singing, thousands of people around grafton street all    dancing on the streets, Different nationalities every
St Patrick's Day 2016where all joining in the fun and celebrating St Patric’s Day.

Sometimes we tend to take things for granted and I know we are all guilty of it at times, yesterday I took it all in, I thrived on the buzz around the city as I walked through Grafton street with my good friend Siobhain, looking around and thinking wow it feels good to be Irish. Colours everywhere, people hugging eachother, jumping up and down.  It really put things into prospective for me and thought me that I need toGetAttachment-3.aspx make sure my own children are aware of our Irish culture.

People were so happy yesterday, maybe it was from the guinness I am not sure but one thing I know is that the laughter around the city was genuine and it felt amazing to be a part of this day. I laughed, danced, joked, smiled, ate good food and enjoyed company with some amazing friends and also strangers, where we shared jokes and had the craic.
The celebration continues in Ireland all weekend as there are festivals going on around the city until the 20th March, My best advise is lap it up and enjoy the celebrations around the city, this happens once a year so take full advantage of it, take the kids on  the bus go in and enjoy all of the events around the city, I promise you will not be disappointed , it will be a weekend to remember. Feel and be a part of this joyful and colourful culture

Have a great weekend guys


Emma X



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