WOW what an amazing day. Feeling so inspired

Sitting here in my kitchen reflecting on how today went. I was invited to speak at the Teen Dating Violence Awareness Seminar today, organised by The Offaly Domestic Violence Support Service.  Speaking in front of 120 students age 14-16 was a little  intimidating and it certainly got my nerves going but im absolutely thrilled and so humbled at the reaction I got from these young students. Looking out over the crowd seeing tears in their eyes, lumps in their throats, complete silence in the room during my talk, all eyes on me and ears wide open, heads nodding in agreement with what I was saying.


They listened to every word I said and showed compassion, empathy, love, support and RESPECT, which put me at ease and made me comfortable in speaking and get my message across.

When my speech concluded I received a massive round of applause and they started to que for pictures. I was so overwhelmed but most importantly I was honoured to be there and to give value to these young teenagers who look upto me. IMG_5091

Doing this seminar today gave me so much strength and courage. Looking at these students and seeing their reaction put a lot of things into prospective for me as a mother.

Speaking is like therapy its extremely therapeutic and it helps so much.  It can be about absolutely anything in this world but by speaking about the problem or the issue will help not only you but so many others in your situation, whether  it be domestic violence, depression, illness, relationships etc.

Today was a very inspiring day, and I feel so blessed and humbled to have been invited to speak at this event.

“Always believe in yourself”IMG_5077

Love Emma X

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