Always respect the woman who is raising your children!

Disrespect – it comes in many forms!!!!!! And it’s something I cannot stand, something that drives me insane, makes me angry and deep down upsets me.

Disrespecting the mother of your children is THE lowest of the low! A Mother, someone who gave life to your child? someone who carried life inside them for 9 months? someone you would not have children without? a woman who is raising your children, feeding them, keeping a roof over their head, putting clothes on their back, educating them, teaching them right from wrong, raising them to be strong, independent people, keeping them safe, secure, loving them every single day, making sacrifices, putting them first, before herself, going without to make sure they have what they need???

Hatred is a terrible disease, and I do think it’s a disease, it takes a certain type of person to have hatred towards another person, personally I don’t hate anyone, and I’m so glad that I don’t, sometimes I wish I could hate people but deep down I’m grateful that I don’t have that in me. It would be easier to hate someone wouldn’t it???? It would be the easiest option!

Why live your life hating the mother of your children? Don’t you want the best for your kids? If you are disrespecting the woman who is raising your children isn’t that a reflection on you??????

The next time you go to send that email, that txt, insult her about raising your children maybe you should take a good long look at yourself before sending it and ask yourself how you would feel if someone were to say that to your Mother?????? Ask yourself is it ok to disrespect the woman who is raising your children? when did that become ok? Does it make you feel good???? If she’s such a “bad” Mother why would you want her raising your kids????

Fact is you know deep down she is a great Mother but you have so much hatred built up inside you that your only way of venting is by insulting her, making her feel useless and worthless and that’s because of YOUR own issues because of YOUR own hatred for what ever reason, it’s not because you actually believe she is a bad Mother, if you did why would you want her raising your children?

A real man will be proud, he will stand tall and put all his issues aside and say yes you are are good Mother and thank you for raising our children thank you for taking on the role and making all the sacrifices you do……… A narcissist will disrespect you, he will try beat you down, mentally, emotionally and he will try to control you, he will blame you for everything and he will do everything in his power to make you suffer!!!!!!!! BUT just remember this is due to his own insecurities and his own issues it has absolutely nothing to do with the Mother you are!

Mothers if your experiencing a narcissist baby daddy please remember that it’s not YOU its THEM….. Their issues and their problems, so the next time you receive that nasty comment, email, txt that’s insulting you as a Mother rise above it, take a step back and think about everything that you do as a parent, all the sacrifices you have made, all the difficult decisions you have made, challenges you have come up against, just remember how amazing you are doing and don’t pay attention to their bitter insults.

Both women and men should be appreciate in the roles they do as parents, if you are doing  good job, doing the best you can do then you should be appreciated, parenting is challenging, especially for the parent who is raising the children, there is no rule book with being a parent, their is no right way to be a parent we all just learn as we go on, we make mistakes and we make wrong decisions at times but we LEARN…… Never ever doubt yourself as a parent if you are the one who is raising them, don’t doubt yourself because of shit you may receive from the baby daddy/ baby mamma.

If you are the parent who is raising your kids, your obviously doing something right, stay strong, continue to do what you do and don’t pay attention to the haters, your kids will grow up to see the strong, hard working individual you are. Kids are like magnets  – Monkey see, Monkey do!!!! They mimic what they see and hear.

Advice for the dad’s who disrespect the mother of their kids – honestly just STOP, have some respect and remember without that woman you would not have the child that you do, you should be eternally grateful for that woman actually giving you that child, just like she is grateful to you.

Definition of respect – a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

It’s nice to be nice, lets teach respect and not hatred!


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