Before it all went horribly wrong!!!!!! Mammy’s Worst nightmare

What an eventful weekend!!!!!!!

Saturday Morning both Xavier and Arabella ran into my room, bouncing and jumping on the bed, I hadn’t got much sleep that week, so Saturday I was extremely tired but also mentally drained, you know when your so tired you could cry??? well that was me Saturday morning, all my energy was completely gone! The kids were playing in Xavier’s room so I fell back asleep (not intentially) I don’t know how much time had passed as I didn’t look at my clock, BUT I woke up and called the kids…. They were in the kitchen, I instantly jumped out of bed, ran down the stairs, they both ran out of the kitchen with smirks on their faces, that look of mischief………. There were 8 apples eaten on the counter!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Omg 8 apples????? What the hell???????

Xavier was like “mammy I’m sorry for eating the apples” “it was Arabella too” LOL how could I not laugh????

I have a safety lock on the fridge but obviously forgot to put the lock on before bed (never ever forgetting this ever again) mammy brain!

So to say I was a tad stressed in an understatement, my friend called at the perfect time….. As I needed to get out of the house.

Myself and Charlene arranged to take the kids to Newgrange Farm, our kids love it there. We are both Single mothers so funds does be low at the best of times, so we’re always looking for places to take the kids that won’t cost money, somewhere we can bring our own snacks etc, but more importantly somewhere FREE that doesn’t charge an entry fee.

We decided to take them to the Farm, it has a huge playground so the kids can run wild, they charge a fee into the farm, but we decided to just have a picnic and goto the playground, we love our play dates, all 3 kids have so much fun together (when Arianna and Arabella are not fighting) 2 girls lol need I say any more!

I had my coffee and chats with Charlene as the kids were flying down the slides, jumping around, it was nice, adult conversation, laughs, giggles, kids were happy, mammy’s were happy…..

After about an hour we decided to go for a walk and have our picnic…. I was walking to the car to get the kids jackets. Next of all Arabella says”I need to poo” OH NO…….. we weren’t near a toilet, Next of all Xavier says my “bum bum is sore” UH OOOOOOOH what the hell am I going to do, Charlene had a potty in her car as she took it out there was orange stuff rolling down the kids legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG THIS CANT BE HAPPENING……. actually rolling dow their legs, Xaviers looking at me like mammy what is happening…. It was pure orange!!!!!!!


They had diarrhoea, and poor Xavier’s face…. he was holding his bum, he kept saying “mam put cream on it, put cream on it” I couldn’t help but laugh, well NO I make a mistake Charlene was falling around laughing, I was more frustrated that I didn’t lock the fridge door!!!!!!!!!!

So what was intended to be a great play date was cut very very short, I had to get the kids in the car and get home as quickly as I could…. Looking in the mirror at the kids, so lifeless, grey in the face, Xavier kept saying “mammy my tummy is sore” Yes son 4 apples each will do that to you…….

Writing this blog I’m laughing but Saturday I certainly was not laughing!!!!!!



The joys of parent hood and definitely one for the baby book 🙂

Have a great day guys

Emma XxX


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