My Review on the BabyDan True Pressure Stair gate

So yesterday I tested out the BabyDan stair gate, Previously I had two gates from another store, they were cheap and cheerful.  When buying them I will honestly say I did absolutely no research what so ever, I was driven by the price…….. HUGE mistake on my part, I will never chose a price over quality again. Within weeks the kids had pulled the bottom gate of the wall, which was extremely dangerous, as they kept running up and down the stairs when I wasn’t looking.

Iv wanted to get a new stair gate for some time now, I’m delighted I got to review the BabyDan stair gate, I got one for the top of the stairs and now as a result I am going to purchase two more.

When assembling the gate I fist thought I would need my Dad or Brother to help me but I didn’t have to, I assembled the gate within 10 mins by myself 😉 no man needed ha ha.

What I love about this gate is that there are absolutely NO fixtures, fittings, drilling, nails etc. The gate goes onto the wall and stair banister by pure pressure, which is fantastic, there is no mess what so ever.  The gate fits 73.5 – 79.6cm Max 119.3cm, also do extenders (if your stairs are that bit wider) being a single Mother time is precious so I needed something that was going to be quick and easy but in the same time I needed something that was super strong as I couldn’t have the kids pull this one down.

The gate is made from metal, its extremely strong and solid, fits perfectly and opens both ways. There is an added safety feature on the gate, if the gate is not fitted correctly there will be a red indicator to let us know it is not fully secure. The gate is easy to open and close, My children haven’t figured out how to open this one which is great and I will keep it that way for as long as I can.

My overall review of this product is 10/10 please see my reasons below

Easy and quick to fit

No drilling,nails, or screws

Solid and Strong, Made from metal

Made from Denmark in BabyDan’s manufacture and has gone through ALL safety regulations therefor this is 100% safe and baby proof. Previously as I said in my video I had absolutely no knowledge if the gates had even been through safety regulations, this way I do now know and I am really happy with the quality.

Cost effective

Our kids safety should be number one priority and having a baby gate is essential, I’m seeing so much highlight in the media lately on baby safety and its extremely important, always remember it equality over quantity, thats something I have definitely learned from my previous experience of having a stair gate.

Have a great day guys

Emma XxX

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