Batman Ben needs our help, PLEASE SHARE…

Ben is a 5 year old happy little boy from Finglas, Tragically Ben was diagnosed on Dec 24th 2015 with a rare childhood cancer called Wilms tumour stage IV, He has been fighting Cancer since Christmas.  What an awful Christmas for the family, this wonderful family live just around the corner from me. As a Mother I cannot even begin to imagine of the pain and sadness they must be feeling.

Ben needs our help urgently. Ben has undergone a huge amount of chemo and radiation in Ireland but sadly this is no longer working for Ben and he needs to do a clinical trial in America. The family are trying absolutely everything to raise €260,000 to get Ben over to America. Ben is such a happy little boy, he has been smiling his way through his treatment. His nickname is Batman Ben as he loves batman and his fight like a true hero!

As a Mother myself I am so saddened for this beautiful little boy and his amazing family, We are looking for any help at all to help with Ben’s fund. Wouldn’t you do anything in your power if it was you and your family in this position? 100%

I am siting her writing this blog and I cannot fight back the tears, I commend this family so much for their bravery and their consistent fight to get their baby over to America so he can get his treatment.

I plea with anyone who reads this blog to please help the family in any way possible, they are fundraising every single day please check out their Facebook page as they are constantly looking for volunteers to help out and also if you can spare anything please do, please see link below.

One last thing I ask is please please share this blog, lets work together and get Ben over to America for his treatment.


Love Emma XxX13590290_1166064683438636_3172085466209822042_n


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