The Summit that shaped me into the Speaker I am today.

In 2016 I was honored with a phone call from Sharon O’Halloran the CEO of Safe Ireland.  She praised me on my Advocacy work in Domestic Violence and Empowering Women. I was truly Honoured to receive this call, we chatted, laughed, joked and giggled and then the conversation became serious when she asked me if I would speak at theSafe Ireland World Summit in the Manion house. I couldn’t believe it, I had a lump in my throat. I tried to act cool of course but inside I was screaming with happiness to be invited to speak at this event.

I had spoken at many conferences around the world previously to this event but speaking in your own country is a different ball game and I knew I would be surrounded with world-class speakers, actors, activists, survivors, victims.  I knew I had to “up” my game.

I was prepared, I was working with the wonderful Human Rights Layer Simone George and Mark Pollock on the lead up to the Summit so I was in good hands. No I mean I was in exceptional hands.

The day of the Summit came and It was more than I expected. 2 days surrounded by like-minded people from around the world, we heard speakers that gave us goosebumps, people who would make the hair on your arms stand up, there were tears, laughter, music, dancing, joy, fun. This 2-day event is an event that everyone needs to put in their calendar because I promise you it is an event NOT to be missed.

I took to the stage in 2016 as a girl, a lost girl, and I left a woman. I have never felt empowerment like it in my life. I speak at many conferences, summits, schools, universities but this was the Summit that changed me.

After my speech I revied a standing ovation, I had so much building up inside me it felt like I literally fell into Sharon and Simones’ arms after it. We weren’t just working colleagues, we became friends.

Everyone who attends the Safe Ireland Summit is “One” there is no judgment what so ever.  I made so many connections from the Safe Ireland Summit, I networked, spoke to as many people as I could and I left feeling like I had a purpose, I knew where my direction was and I knew what I wanted to do going forward and that was to be a voice in Ireland. My video allowed me to become a voice in Ireland and Safe Ireland showed me how to become a leader.

This year Safe Ireland have put together a Go Fund Me page to raise funds for survivors to attend the Summit. This summit is crucial for Survivors to come along to learn, listen and to be empowered. Every little helps and whatever is raised will be for survivors to attend this very much needed summit.  Join me in donating to the go fund me for Survivors of Domestic Violence



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