To the mom who needs to disconnect from the world.

I write this blog today because it has been one of those days. where we tend to pick on ourselves, pick on our flaws. You ever do that? Of course you do. We all do at times, especially if you are a mother.

Everything changes when you become a parent… I mean everything. Physical appearance, looser skin, more wrinkles, thinner hair.

Emotional  – we tend to cry a lot more than usual, like over the silliest of things. I even cry sometimes at fair city! I know

Mental health – Our mental health is effected a lot due to the above that I just mentioned, we tend to put ourselves last, the kids come first, we miss out on nights out with friends, engagement parties, friends birthdays, we don’t wear the clothes we would have once afforded, we do these things and we forget about how these thoughts are effecting our state of mind. We tend to focus on what we used to have. Right?

We know everything is going to change but do we always be truly ready for the change? I know I wasn’t ready when I had both my babies, at the time it was a shock, but the best shock of my life.

I love being a mammy, I love seeing their beautiful faces before they shut their eyes to sleep an the first ting in the morning, sure I moan constantly about how they wreck the house, how they fight, how they shout, how they war all my treats, how they eat my dinner and soooooo much more but I wouldn’t change any of that for the world. having my kids is a true blessing for me.

However sometimes we just get those days where you feel down and you have no idea why. It’s just a feeling but it’s not a nice feeling to have.

Today was one of those day’s for me. I got up early, washed the kids, got them dressed, brushed Arabella’s hair, got them breakfast, put a wash on, hoovered the house, quickly cleaned around. Xavier then went off the pay hurling while Arabella stayed with me, she came food shopping with me, I then dropped her to gymnastics, dropped her there and went to get myself a coffee and while I was sitting in Starbucks I asked myself why was I feeling so low?

I realised that I just needed to sleep, I needed to have a few hours to myself and disconnect from the world, from social media, from the house work. So I did just that. I came home and turned everything off – phone, laptop and I lay on my bed and fell asleep. I had the heating on full whack so I was nice and cozy! That peaceful sleep for 1 hour did me the world of good, no kids in the house, no phone ringing, no browsing on FB, nothing just me completely switching off.

I never fall asleep during the day – NEVER but today I made myself try. Thats why I had the house so hot so I would fall asleep. I actually woke up sweating LOL

Lack of sleep is a huge factor for us feeling down, depressed or just low. If we do not get enough sleep it will creep up on us and make us feel really crappy. If an when you are feeling low in yourself, just know that it is ok to feel low but you must act on it. Listen to your body, sleep when you need to sleep. Do it properly. Get someone to take the kids for you, get into bed, turn off your phone and just Chillllllllllll.

Give it a shot.

Sometimes we just need to disconnect from the world. Social media is a powerful tool but sometimes it can also be too much.

Take time for you, relax, listen to your body cleanse your mind and just disconnect for a bit.


Chat Soon

Love Emma XxX

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