My visit to Sydney for the day

As I was just in Australia for one week, I was pretty pressedon the train into the city for time. 2/3 of those days were taken up by the Summit, Lunches & Dinner’s, so I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of spare time on my hands. However I did get to see Sydney, I figured I can’t go all the way to Australia and NOT see Sydney…. So I stuck to my word and I got an early flight to the city.

I was lucky enough to have friend’s who recently emigrated to Sydney, so they collected me from the airport and looked after me SO well. They have 3 beautiful children, after the airport we went to their amazing home and had lunch and had a great catch up over coffee.

The guy’s knew I wanted see the city and they were soooooooo helpful, 17021902_10154229725597624_7444351565784050224_nthey took me to the city and we took a ferry to Manly Island which was AMAZING……. This was the main thing I wanted to do….. On the ferry you get to see the best view on the Sydney harbour Bridge and the Opera house. The weather was pretty bad and on the way over it got worse and worse, never the less we 17021351_10154229725407624_1629851392805157480_nwere still on the boat taking selfies LOL… It was pretty choppy on the boat, lots of winds and rain, but I was still loving it and we were laughing having the craic. The kids LOVED the fact it was all choppy.

We got off the boat at Manly, Manly is so gorgeous, we went for food in a lovely Resturant and dried off from the rain.17021797_10154229725977624_444923327715122492_n

On the way back on the boat it was dark which was so lovely because the city was all lit up, the opera house, the bridge, all the beautiful buildings.

We got off the boat and walked upto the Opera house…. and all I can say is 17103395_10154229726407624_6167983089766424813_nWOW, what a beautiful sight. This whole city seems to be amazing, the atmosphere was electric, The people are all in awe of the city… I would literally grab a coffee and just sit on the steps and embrace the city.

Im the kind of person who thrives off good energy and good atmosphere and in Sydney that’s exactly how I felt – I felt so happy and Content. 17021740_10154229726342624_224609307490844539_n

The best thing about my time in Sydney was spending it with the Donnelley’s, they looked after me so well from the moment I landed in the airport until the time I left. Keith collected me and dropped me to the airport, got out of bed at 3am to bring me back for my flight…. They all made me feel so Welcome, this really made the end of my trip so special – spending quality time with these guy’s and sharing stories about Australia.. A beautiful family who will be friends for a lifetime, in-fact I see them more like family now. 16999158_10154229725302624_333971656651525528_n

I chilled in the airport alone over a coffee and reflected on my time in Australia.  As the plane took off I had a tear in my eye. I guess I was teary because I was going to miss the people and the country but I also was emotional with the thought of seeing Xavier & Arabella, the excitement got my heart racing and filled my eyes with tears.

Australia you have been amazing and Im so exited to come back, but next time it’s with my babies by my side. 16999078_10154229726212624_3374568547082597259_n

If you haven’t been to Australia guys, you need to put it on your list of places to go. The people are so friendly, so helpful and so much fun.




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