Women in focus lunch – International Women’s Day.

Today was yet again another beautiful day in the lovely city of Canberra Australia.IMG_1205

I started my morning off with a radio interview with ABC radio, I joined Nadia (CEO of the Tara Costigan Foundation) We shared our experience of the summit and shared our vision for the future. It was great to be on the Radio again and we received great feedback from all of their listeners. I was delighted to have been asked to go on air :

We then went onto the beautiful boathouse restaurant, as we were invited to “Women in Focus” Lunch/Conference to celebrate International Women’s Day. Another event where I was welcomed with open arms.

I participated in a Q&A with Michael Costigan which was a great discussion, we spoke about prevention in Domestic Violence, change and many other importat topics

We sIMG_1207at over  a beautiful lunch and shared many more conversations around the table, I met more influential people and exchanged business cards, took selfies and enjoyed the company.

I took a lot out of today and one thing that sticks with me is that I am shocked and appalled that Ireland do not offer certain support services to women in employment. In Australia there are a lot of support services in the place of work and it got me thinking….. This is critical in the work place. At the end of the day we spend most of our life in work, if you are working a full time job in the city you are probably out of your home for at least 8 house of the day…… we spend most of our time at work???? So having support services in work would be a massive help to women right????? Having someone to talk to? share your story? ask for help?????? Lots of women are isolated in the home and in some cases women are only allowed to go to work…. Wouldn’t it be great if they had a support system in their place of work????? Well they do in Australia….IMG_1227

One thing I have learned about Australia so far is that they have a lot more accessible support services to women and children, I probably shouldn’t compare but its hard not to when you look around and see so many organisations all supporting women and children and then you look at Ireland and we are crying out for more support?

I can honestly say I have taken so much away from this trip and it has certainly got my mind racing.

Good night guys

Emma xXx

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