Week 1 potty training the ups and downs

Well its been exacially one week since I started to potty train my son Xavier, I knew it was time as he was becoming more articulate and he started to tell me when he had dirty nappies, so I knew it was time.

I went out and got everything I needed in order to begin the potty training process: pants, new vests, sheets, mattress protectors, soft baby toilet seat, step ladder for the toilet roll etc so I got everything and was super excited to start the process.

Day 1 – 3

He had a lot of accidents at home and also at creche, he was peeing in his pants and then standing there with a sad face on him 🙁 it broke my heart, The last thing I wanted was for him to feel sad, so I began asking him every single 10 mins if he needed to use the toilet, this caught on quite quickly. I allowed him to run around the house with no pants on and I would take him to the toilet every 10 mins and let him sit on the seat, he eventually went,  I jumped up and down with excitement, when he saw my excitement he then got excited and said “I did it” this was an amazing moment.  The then realised that this was a good thing to do.

So day 1-3 we had a lot of accidents and especially in creche, he kept forgetting to tell his teachers he needed to go to the toilet, I guess it was because he was playing and simply just forgot.

Day 4-7

Things have been a lot better, not as many accidents and Xavier is enjoying using the toilet, he loves just running upstairs when he needs to go, he is very independent and he just goes up himself now and I then follow him. At home he has it nailed and uses the toilet when he needs to go, In creche he is still learning the ropes, he has had the odd accident but is getting better, I honestly think with all the play time in creche he is just forgetting that he doesn’t have a nappy on him. I know in a few more days he will have this cracked, he hates being dirty.

So my experience as a mammy over the last week has been a mix of emotions,I have been tired, exhausted, drained but in the same sense extremely happy that I have started this process, I am so happy that only one child is now in nappies. Before starting the is process I was a little scared, I was afraid I would not be able to do this, Fear kicked in and I started doubting myself, I had a fear that I would not do it right…….. but I did, I was consistent with this process and its still not 100% but as they say practice makes perfect. Some days will be better than others but from starting this process and still going through it I think consistency is KEY, My advice Mammy’s if your starting to potty train be consistent you don’t want to confuse your child, if you decide to start potty training and you feel they are ready, stick with it, obviously if they’re not ready don’t do it, but if you start keep going, you will be delighted in the end,.

Night time: Xavier has a pull up going to bed, and I will keep it that way for a while as this is already a huge millstone in his life. I will wait until I feel he’s ready to be trained through the night.  Most mornings Xavier runs into the toilet, takes of the pull up and uses the toilet which is fantastic.

This morning I was half asleep in bed and he came in with the toilet roll dragging behind him, it went form the bathroom into my room and he was still dragging it off the handle, so a bit of advice stock up on toilet roll……….

Here are some key points that I have found helpful through this potty training process.161184465daf6a491dad1baeef2bf0b8

1 – Be prepared (mentally,emotionally & physically)

2 – Purchase the essentials – pants, sheets, pull ups, mattress protectors etc

3 – Tell them what is happening before you start, I told Xavier what we were doing that morning so I planted the seed in his head.
4 – Be extremely patient, remember they have been wearing a nappy for how long?? so they don’t know any better than to pee in their nappy.
5 – Give them phrase, when they pee in the toilet be excited, give them a high 5, tell them they’re big like Mammy now, when they’re with you tell all the family and friends that they’re using the big toilet now. Make a big deal of the fact they have used the bi
g toilet.

6 – Be consistent with asking every 10 mins if they need to use the toilet.  Even if they pee on the floor tell them its ok and still bing them to the toilet to sit on it even if they are finished.

I would love to know how you guys are getting on with your experience of potty training 🙂

Love Emma XxX

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