Mammy’s are you tired?

Do you eat 34 super foods a day???????? No I didn’t think so me either, it would be pretty difficult right??? I do however take a drink every single morning that contains 34 super foods, its my best friend called MOA.

As most of you will know I try to look after my body, mental health and overall wellbeing. I workout, I eat well (I still have treats i.e. I’m a choc aholic) I keep my mind active but I always have a lot of energy and that is down to this product.

Having two babies (who are extremely hyper) can be very tiring, especially now that the baby has learned how to jump out of her cot, she runs in ever single morning at 6am and bounces all over the bed, and my other little man creeping into my bed in the middle of the night without me realizing, and taking up half the bed, putting his little arms around me and basically shoving me off the bed, anyway yes this can be so draining come the morning time when its time to get up LOL.

I take 2 shots of MOA per day, One shot in the morning and one shot after lunch, I always used to find after lunch time I would get extra tired and would lose all motivation.

I find drinking Moa everyday gives me the extra energy I need.  I notice the lack of energy when I have run out of it and am waiting on my delivery, this is how I know Moa works for me.

I speak to Mammy’s every single day and we all share one thing in common (lack of sleep) its just something that comes with motherhood, the comforting thing I guess is we know when the kids are around 18 we might get a good nights sleep LOL only another 16 years for me to wait 🙁

Lack of sleep causes so much anxiety, stress, bad skin , bad hair and most importantly I find if I’m wrecked tired I don’t be in any humor of cooking for myself so there for I opt for the unhealthy/quick option of a take away or just grab a sandwich, these are fine now and again but being a Mammy we need all the energy we can get right? Running around constantly on our feet burns a lot of energy so we need to restore it somehow? We need to make sure we are getting in the essential nutrients into our body, that can be difficult at times, especially when baby is teething, or just having a tantrum it can be stressful trying to cook and prepare healthy meals 247.

Moa contains 34 super foods from around the world, with exotic fruits that can’t even be bought in Ireland, fruits like

Acai berry
Organic mangoIngredients
Turmeric Root
Biological acerolaberry
Organic Goji berry
Organic black pepper and so much more.
I always encourage people to cook balanced meals as we need as much nutrients as we can get and the best source is from our food, but sometimes it just not enough. Moa gives you extra nutrients from many fruits and vegetables.

I cook stir fry once a week and on the days that I do I add the Moa into it and its so nice, it has a pepper taste to it so it adds a nice kick to the stir fry.

MOA is a unique natural super-foods

Ask yourself do you get enough of the daily nutrients into your body?

Do you lack in essential vitamins?

Would you like a little more energy?

Would you like to get 34 super foods into your diet daily?

If you would like to try its for yourself follow the link enjoy guys 😉

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