Happy Birthday Mam

Mam today is your birthday, if you were still here with us you would be 55 years old. You have been gone 5 years now and I cannot believe its been this long? It still feels like yesterday we lost you. It scares me that time is going so quick.

I used to love when it was your birthday, I would always bring you flowers or sometimes get them delivered to your flat, and I knew you would love receiving them I could see you smile when the courier would arrive even if I wasn’t there. I would cherish the moments and be so happy inside seeing you open your presents, It was never about the gift with you, I know it was about the time we spent together. Every single year you would cry, cry with happy tears and it would melt my heart.

You have been sending us all so many signs lately, I know you are happy where you are, I can see you dancing with Grandad and celebrating your birthday with Nanna and Grandad. I see you smiling, which makes me smile. I know you are laughing with Grandad doing the Eddie shuffle

No doubt your having a lovely glass of white wine (blossom hill) your favourate, If I could sit with you right now and celebrate your birthday I would, I will have a glass of wine tonight and celebrate with you in spirit.

If you were here Mam I would take you away for the day, I would have a day with you and Sarah a girls day and take you to a spa, get our nails done and have lunch together.

I love you Mam happy birthday keep smiling and keep sending us those signs. We love you so much

Love Emma XxX

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