You can take the girl out of Dublin but you can’t take Dublin out of the girl.

Its 4.30am and I’m writing this blog in Luton Airport, my flight is at 6.30, I love traveling so much, but the hanging around airports drives me crazy.

I arrived in Luton late Monday night, My friend Shirly collected
me from the airport, Another friend Anthony was at her house so It was lovely to see them both when I arrived. I got the biggest hugs ever which was so lovely. We don’t get to see each other a lot so when we do we always make the most of it. We had a glass of Prosecco and chilled for the evening laughing, joking and reminiscing about the amazing memories we created over the years. The best thing about good friendships is you can stay up late and talk about absolutely anything and that is what we did every night.

Tuesday Shirly went to work and her daughter was at nursery, so I had time to myself to do some work and just completely chill, I never get to chill alone, the kids are always with me so I loved this time to myself….. It was so peaceful.
We chilled out for the day and bless Shirley, she made me a cake, it was so delicious 🙂 🙂 I think she was trying to fatten me up while I was there, she kept feeding me LOL.. Wednesday evening our other friends Terrance and Lianne came around and we had so much fun, we got an amazing Chinese and Terry made one of his famous punch drinks……….. We stayed up late again laughing and joking and giggling, watching the Big Brother final. (which was a shock by the way)

Wednesday we were so so tired from the two late nights previous but we still managed to head out on the town Wednesday night, they took me to Shorditch (London) even though it was a wednesday we haIMG_7021
d such  great night, we got the train to london and laughed the way there snap chatting the whole time……… We went to a couple of cool bars in Shorditch but they all closed at 12, so we found a really cool bar with great music called “The Shorditch” The music was great we danced the whole night to great tunes and great atmosphere, at one point myself and Shirly were even doing the Macarena…. LOL This was so much fun!!!!! London is amazing and the people are fantastic, so full of life 🙂

Thursday…………..WOW lets just say we were a tad tired 🙁 🙁 in fact we were absolutely wrecked, Arriving home at like 8am……

We went for a meal together (the last supper) the last time I was in London Anthony took me to the best burger place EVER called “five guys” I loved it so much that we decided to go there for food for my last night……… its seriously amazing guys!!!!!! They do burgers, hot dogs, and the best chips in the world ha ha they’re freshly cut
chips made from all different types of potatoes………. This was a lovely evening, after five guys they took me to a desert place In Luton (you see they were trying to feed me constantly) If you are in Luton guys seriously check it out, I do not know how we even fit out the door from this place, we were so full, but it was amazing, I had a waffle with Oreo’s, Oreo ice cream OMGGGGGGGG amazing!!!!!!!

We finished off the evening sipping a glass of vino in a very chilled out bar, we literally just had the one but again it was so lovely the 4 of us being together again catching up on life in general.

Sitting here now reminiscing on the week, iv had such a great time, I love them so much, they’re friends for life, and I think over the years our bond has grown stronger and stronger, we act so silly when we are around each other, we laugh at the silliest of things, but thats the beauty of a  good friendship!

The whole week was spent of them all trying to demonstrate my accent, it was hilarious because they CANT do a good irish accent LOL but it was amusing to watch…

If I had one word to describe my week it would be GREAFUL, Im so grateful to have these guys in my life, when we are together It gives me life, they know me inside out, they have been there through my struggles and they have been there through the good times, Im vFullSizeRenderery grateful to be surrounded by people like this, sometimes family doesn’t have to be blood related, sometime you meet people in your life and you have an instant connection and a bond that will last a lifetime.

Today I leave Luton with a bloated tummy,a slight headache and a bag of amazing memories!

Thank you so much Shirly, Terrance, Anthony, I love you guys and cannot way to see you guys soon (book them flights for October)!!!!!!


Emma XxX


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