No more Latte’s for Emma :(

Most of you guys know I LOVE having my latte from Starbucks, some people are addicted to Alcohol, fitness, drugs, I have no problem in saying that my bad habit is coffee. I work from coffee shops most of the time, I have my meetings in coffee shops all the time, I meet friends in coffee shops…….. Im surrounded by COFFEE………….. there is just NO getting away from it….. I don’t mind the fact I drink a lot of coffee as I drink Decaf a lot of the time….

What I am annoyed about is that I have gained a lot of weight over the last couple of weeks, my friends tell me I’m mad that I’m imagining it, but ladies you know yourself when you have put on weight right? we can feel it in our clothes, especially when you try on something you wore a couple of months ago and you now try it on and yes it might fit but its extremely tight????? well that has happened me, I tried on a pair of shorts I wore in Santander in June, put them on me the other day and I got them on but there is no way in hell I would leave the house with them on, they were so tight 🙁 🙁 I was so angry with myself 🙁

The reason iv put on weight is due to the amount of Latte I have been drinking, I love them so much, but the time has well and truly come for me to ditch the amount I drink… 🙁 I’m not going to lie I am sad about this 🙁 Im not giving up coffee altogether but I will be swapping the Latte for an Americano 🙁 Not the same I know.

There is nothing worse than not feeling good about yourself? its an awful feeling wearing jeans and just wishing they were NOT so tight?? so I’m sitting in Starbucks working drinking my Americano and it does not give me the same feeling but hey, I want to feel like I used to so I have a few LBS to shed to get my lat tummy back and I will and I bet it will happen so quick once I cut out the Latte.

Wish me luck


Emma XxX


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