Dual Mode thermometer

If your kids are like mine they will HATE getting their temperature taken??? I guess we can understand, let she honest no one likes getting anything in their ears, its not a nice sensation or feeling so imagine if you are a baby or a toddler??? its got to be a bit scary right?

My kids would usually run away from me when when they see the thermometer coming out of the drawer, they hate it and its always a struggle to get them to sit still while I get an accurate reading, I usually have to make 3/4attempts, its actually a stressful process.

I recently got this new dual mode thermometer that I am delighted with, so much so I’m actually raving about it ha ha…..The Dual mode thermometer has two functions – forehead mode & ear mode, so you have 2 options, the forehead function is an inferred reading, so it doesn’t even have to touch the skin……. This is why I like it so much, its perfect for children. All you have to do is press F1 and scan across your forehead, leaving 0.2cm in-between the thermometer and your forehead while keeping your finger on F1, once finish you release the F1 button and you will see your accurate reading on the front of the thermometer.

To take a reading from your ear it is very simple also, you simply place the thermometer in your ear and press F2, when you hear the beep you release form your ear to get the accurate reading… Its extremely simple and effective.

Key functions

  • Fever alarm
  • Memory (stores 20 previous readings)
  • UV lighting
  • provides two temperature modes, °C and °F.


Next day delivery with a fantastic price offer at the moment. link below and feel free to ask any questions 🙂…


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