Sunday Funday

How did you spend your Sunday?

I love Sundays, I really do, It’s a day I get to spend fully with the kids and visit my family, I find Sunday’s very relaxing and I think they should be spent with loved ones.IMG_7289

The kids wake up so early especially at the weekends, Come 10am on a Sunday they are running around the house bored and trashing the place looking for things to do. Xavier absolutely loves the planes so I started taking them to the airport to look at the airplanes, I get my takeaway coffee and and we go and look at the airplanes take off, they love it and it kills an hour or two….It seems its always the things that don’t cost a penny that are the most memorable, both Xavier and Arabella Loved it. This has now become my Sunday Routine
Yesterday was my Dad’s 57th birthday so Today we went out for dinner, which was so lovely, for me birthdays are about time together, peasants mean nothing to me its more about who I spend it with, and today was lovely having dinner together to celebrate his Birthday……
after dinner myself and the children were so tired so we came home and were wrestling on the ground for an hour before they went to bed, they just love jumping on me, on my head and just falling all over the place, both of them jumping around screaming 🙂 🙂 (great way to get them tired before bed mammy’s)

IMG_7291Id love to know how you all sound your sunday? are you like me where you love spending it with family or do you make other plans? feel free to share and post your pics 🙂

I hope you all had a great day

Emma Xx

One thought on “Sunday Funday

  1. Dear Emma, I spent my Sunday morning preparing for classical music concerts I’ll be giving in Rio de Janeiro as a guest pianist in both solo and chamber music concerts for the Rio International Cello Encounter (RICE) taking place from August 27-September 6 at the close of the Rio Olympics. I wish that you and your children could come to Brazil and be there for our concerts in Rio. In the afternoon, I attended a wonderful piano recital by pianist Beth Levin given at the Barge in Brooklyn for the Bargemusic Masterworks series.

    Sending all good wishes from Manhattan to you and your lovely family.


    Gerald Robbins

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