Taste of Dublin 2016 – Ivy Gardens

On Saturday myself and my friend when to the Taste of Dublin, I absolutely love this event, I used to work at this event doing promotions for the whole weekend and just loved it.  I literally buzz of atmosphere and good gives, I always have done and always will, I love being around like minded, positive people.

The Taste of Dublin is an event that is held in the beautiful Ivy Gardens, its on every year from 16 – 19 June where food, drink companies  & top chefs promote their business and offer their services.  The best of the best is at this event. Anyone who knows me well knows I have a big apatite and love good food lol

IMG_6351We had some amazing food at at this event, we ate some fantastic thai dish called Bombai Lamb curry, it was absolutely delicious.

The atmosphere was electric, it was the day Ireland was playing so everyone was out in good spirits.

I had a glass of vino and sipped on that while listening to live music and
watching the match…… what a perfect way to spend a Saturday? completely chilled out….. it was definitely what the doctor ordered.

If you advent been to this event, guys I encourage you to go next year, I didn’t realise it was so child friendly but it really is, there were so many kids at this event which was lovely to see, all dancing to the live music and eating all the samples 🙂 🙂 🙂 One thing that stood out for me was they had the most amazing chocolate milk and cute biscuits for kids, my two absolutely loved them when I came home.

IMG_6381Its a great weekend and something different, very relaxed and good vibes. Myself and Siobhain had a great day and I will definitely go again next year. The perfect dining experience.

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