What did you get unto for father’s day?

Yesterday was such  lovely day, myself, my brother and my 2 kids went for dinner.  We just went to our local for a Sunday Roast, everywhere was extremely busy, and you know only too well if your a parent how hectic it can be when out for dinner with babies?

It wasn’t even about what restaurant we went to, for me its all about the time we spend together, we could eat anywhere it wouldn’t really matter, personally I value the time we spend together as a family so so much, I love creating memories with my family.

The kids absolutely loved it, they were so good (I was very surprised) but they were fantastic, sitting at the table with their fork eating their dinner by themselves………. I was sitting across from them thinking wow how big they are getting.

I was so happy inside looking around at the kids playing with their Grandad, they absolutely idolise him, and he does them. Grandparents are such a huge influence in kids lives, I know that from my own grandparents. They will always be a big role in children’s livesIMG_6374.

IMG_638We got the kids ice cream and we also had desert 😉 I had Boniffi pie (shared with my brother) my dad had apple pie and ice cream and the kids had ice cream, we looked over at Arabella and she had the bowl in her mouth, we couldn’t believe it, I don’t know where she saw that but it was so so funny, we were all in knots laughing at her, it was such a cute moment…….. A few moments later then Xavier was doing the same thing, it was just so cute and funny, they loved it so much they wanted to make sure it was all gone LOL licking the bowl and drinking the end like it was a drink.


You don’t need a day to celebrate with your dad but every year we go for dinner, along with birthdays etc.  I always cherish these moments they mean so much to me.

Yesterday was  a lovely day seeing my dad play with the kids, feed them and just see the love in their eyes it was beautiful.

I take nothing for granted and cherish moments like yesterday.

What did you get unto for fathers day?

I hope everyone had a beautiful day with their dad

Love Emma XxX


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