Motiavtion Monday

Its quite funny, everyone seems to hate Mondays? Ok I totally get why, you have a great weekend and Monday comes around so quickly and we are back to work, back to the school runs and early mornings. I totally get it. Personally I love Mondays I like going back to normal and going back to the routine.

Monday is a great day to start new opportunities, let go of any negative vibes we may have encountered in the week, its a good day to say goodbye to all the bad that happened and start your focus on making your life a little more brighter.

Always try to better yourself in some way, Focus on the bright side of life, we all have trouble and negative people in our life, but try not to allow those negatives take over your mind. Try to make the best of a bad situation, life is sort, but its precious, so make the most if it. Its hard at times and sometime I literally want to scream my heard off with frustration but then I remember all the good I have in my life and I chose to focus on that and my mood begins to change.

df28417aec667a94fc627300a558f53bI find if I am having a bad day and I can’t seem to shift my bad mood, I take a timeout, I do something that will make me feel better, whether its shut off from the world, have a coffee, read a magazine, go on a nice walk, have a piece of chocolate what ever it may be I do it because there is nothing worse than being in bad form and everyone around you seems to get to you. That’s a horrible feeling and by taking just 5-10 mins to yourself to gather your thoughts it can help change your mood 🙂
Monday – its a new day, what ever has gone on in your life, today is a new day, leave all the negatives in the weekend and start today with a smile and look to the future, focus on the positives. Make your day a better a for YOU.

If you are feeling down or low check out this amazing motivational video and let me know what you think, personally I love it and I listen to this nearly every day


Have a great day guys

Love Emma Xx

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