Hair Goals

People always ask me “is that your natural colour”?????? The answer is yes it is, I am very lucky to have natural blonde hair, from a  baby my hair has always been blonde, On my mother’s side of the family we are all blonde.  Thankfully I have never put any dye in my hair and I hope I never have to.

Iv had long hair for most of my life, except that one time my Mam got my hair cut into a BOB 🙁 🙁 I hated it but it grew back pretty quick.  As my hair is quite long I try to look after it as best I can.

People constantly ask me what products I use, Honestly I don’t over do it on product because I have a good diet and I take care of my body and I genuinely believe this is why my hair is in such good condition.

I have just come back of holidays, I was in Santander for 5 days, so in the sun for 5 days, and my hair has got blonder, but silly me I did not use any protector in the sun, which is really bad I should have. However I am saved as I use a really good shampoo & conditioner. I don’t use anything with chemicals or sulphates, I stay away from anything with chemicals as it can strip and break the hair. I always go for the more natural brands/products. Yes it cost extra but worth it.

I take fish oils daily and have done so from a very young age, probably from 12 years of age until now and I always will take fish oils, I give them to the kids every morning.  I take 3 per day, each morning without fail, I even brought my supply on holidays with me, I believe this is why I have good hair and skin.

Since coming back from holidays I wanted to put a treatment in my hair after all the sun exposure.  I came amazing treatments – Aragan oil, I love Argan oil it leaves your hear feeling so soft and silky, I found these products in Dealz…….

So in a nutshell the products I use on my hair is – Shampoo & Conditioner (please see link)

Fish oils daily (please see link)

Argan oil from Dealz €1.49 each, amazing?? I some times find this makes the hair a little greasy but for after holiday I find it perfect 😉


I hope this short blog was helpful and if you want any more info on the products from my company please do not hesitate to drop me a PM.

My best advise is try to go for the more natural products, always do your research and look at the ingredients in the products you use.


-Don’t over do it on products,

-Don’t wash your hair everyday,

-Cut back on hair straighteners, hair wands etc,

-Use a good Shampoo & Conditioner

-Brush your hair before bed and get all the tangles out

-Use a de-tangler

Have a great day guys

Love Emma XxX

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