It’s been one of those days!

I haven’t been well so far this week, I’m feeling all yucky, sniffly, run down and just not myself…… I haven’t been in the gym this week IMG_5167either, I have just been resting up at home, so I woke up this morning and decided to totally chill out all morning (which I never do…..ever) it felt so good to have time to myself and relax in peace.

When I collected the kids I took them on a drive to the airport as we usually do during the week. Xavier absolutely LOVES to look at the planes taking off and flying into the sky. Its so so adorable. At 2 and a half years old its the things that cost no money that gets him so excited, I never take the little things for granted as these small gestures will be the memories he will remember as he gets older. He’s shouting mammy, mammy, the airplanes in the sky….. Jumping out of his car seat and his hands pressed up against the window, I’m sitting in the front thinking how beautiful this moment is and it didn’t cost me a penny, looking at his innocent face with a massive smile and his eyes lighting up…… My special little man 🙂 We then came home and it was just way to nice to stay indoors so we went on a walk around the estate, Xavier on his mickey mouse scooter and Arabella wheeling her pram witIMG_5171h her dolly, And me walking in front of them trying to get a pictures of them, I couldn’t keep in the laughter, thinking they were just so so cute, I was bursting with pride walking along with my two babies by my side, thinking that I am the luckiest woman in the world to have these two amazing people in my life, no matter what has gone on in my life, no one can take this feeling away from me and that is so so comforting. Unconditional love………….

IMG_5162Today was a beautiful day for me even though I looked awful, felt under the weather and had very little energy, I put all that aside and focused on the fact that I am grateful for what I do have in my life (my two babies) these two people bring me more happiness than anyone on this planet can ever give me.

Its so important to have gratitude in your life, we have so much to be grateful for and sometime its the simple things (like today) that put things into prospective, never take anything for granted especially the people who are closest to you. Its the little things in life that leave you feeling happy and make you smile.

Im so excited for summer time to enjoy every moment possible with the kids, mammies and daddies I’m sure you understand the feeling I’m talking about today when you just look at your kids and feel so unbelievably lucky and privileged to be a parent 🙂

Have a lovely night guys

Love Emma X

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