Are your kids at that “climbing” stage

Its the most stressful time, when your baby starts being super adventurous and climbing on everything! Do you notice that they only seem to climb on things that is dangerous??? like things they’re not suppose to???? Well I know mine do just that. They know exacially what they’re allowed do and what they’re not allowed to do, which one do they chose???? of course the go with the more dangerous option……… and I literally sometime just wan a scream my head off…. but hey what can you do they’re just babies and they’re curious.

My 2 year old boy Xavier is so so mysterious, he does things in a sly way like he kind of tricks me into thinking he’s not doing anything noty, but yet more often than not he is….. He started climbing on the stove/cooker at home, I have an electric cooker so anytime I see him climbing I get really panicky, as you know how dangerous it can be……..I kept askin myself what am I going to do, Ive accepted the fact that he will not stop climbing, its way too much fun for him… even when I tell him its very dangerous….. he repeats and says “mammy vewy dangerous” eeeeeeek so cute but SO true lol……. and still won’t listen ha ha

I am now 1 month in my new Ambassador role for, &, and I absolutely love it, the best part is reviewing all of these safety products, its actually so much fun, the kids come home and there will be a new safety gadget and they look at me with their confused faces thinking hmmmmm we are not going to be able to get at this anymore ahahahahahah

Recently I got the cooker guard protector for  the cooker, Im so happy I got this, it was the best investment ever, Xavier still tries to climb on the cooker but I see over the last few dye he’s getting bored as he cannot stitch anything on anymore. The guard is so easily fitted, its heat resistant, its solid and very compact. It fits perfectly around the cooker, its extendable so fits all sizes 🙂

So now i need not to worry if I am out of the room, I know he will be safe in the kitchen and will not get near the cooker…… Peace of mind id everything hen you have children. I don’t allow them to play in the kitchen but lets be real kids are so curious, if they want to go in the kitchen they will do it with or without your permission, they’re big enough to open the doors now so they are constantly walking in and out.

you can check out this demonstration below

One of the best investments I have got for safety in my home, check out the link for more info, http://BabyDan cooker guard


I would love your feedback if and when you get yours guys, send me pics 🙂 🙂

Have a great day


Emma XxX

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